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knowledge like science

Knowledge like Science

by Robert G Brown

Friday 2.9.2018

Their are only 2 teachers in life, The Holy Spirit and the ego. The Holy Spirit holds your knowledge to be used to face fears and solve problems, so you may walk in faith back to Heaven. Share His gifts of healing love and forgive the world, by asking Him to forgive through you. The other is the ego. The one you made when you got scared, and the ego knows your fearful mind completely to walk you to death or hell, because being made of fear, it is all it knows…fear. The ego fears God’s presence, because if you follow God, the ego disappears, when you listen to and apply The Holy Spirit’s Answer to every moment of your life’s Decision. You may waddle for a while between love and fear, until you know happy is what you want to be, and forgiveness shows you the happy way. That’s what following your heart brings…happiness.

Knowledge like Science

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