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slave whips mystery

Slave Whips Mystery

by  Robert G Brown

Tuesday 2.6.2018

How could you celebrate in Heaven, if even one person was suffering eternal punishment in hell? You couldn’t. It doesn’t even make sense. Why do I hear so many people wishing others to burn in hell? That is insanity. You must be the devil. Good people and evil people are the same…destined for death and hell. God’s love is above and beyond the law, because it loves everything completely as Heaven.

I am pure innocence in love, perfectly extending love limitlessly. Giving love always is perfection. Boundaries, borders, locks, prisons, conditions, laws, restrictions, and the like…destroy love and end freedom, no matter how many times you say you live in a free country. You cannot make innocent guilty. Guilt is the unreality of life, where unity is the promise we are all God’s children. Guilt makes us believe we are different than someone else, and restricts freedom, by the power of I am better or worse than somebody else.

Unlimited comes from sharing our gifts of love with one another unconditionally. While charging each other for anything builds walls of shame hidden behind false confidence and the devil’s prayers. You should have started asking questions, when someone told you, you had to lock your doors, to keep the burglars away. If everyone was free, and had everything in abundance, you wouldn’t have to worry about thieves. Heaven is a state of mind that can be experienced in any dimension together in unity. Until then, we live in hell, as we heal together.

We must end separation, in order to remember we are a universal family. World peace is established in freedom…food, clothing, and shelter in abundance, as we work together with no one to tell you what to do. Leadership is earned as you practice being a servant to all, the true definition of leadership. Self-responsibility is learned as we share our ideas freely. Our role is governed by our heart, and our offering to all is given and shared, because it makes us happy, especially when no one is trying to steal our ideas or sell them. Depression comes from the belief in lack, while happiness comes from sharing everything God blesses you with each moment, until you remember you are everything. Faith is seen in what we give.

Wants and desires can lead to hatred, if healing and forgiveness aren’t our first priority. Unconditional love is my foundation. God loves us always, even when we decide to live in the depths of hell. That’s a real Father. You made the decision to be there, and He waits patiently for you to hear His Voice. If you were listening, you might not of gone to the depths of hell in the first place. Many don’t know or understand love that loves no matter what, because guilt is our remedy for problems here, instead of solutions. Solutions are in love. They solve problems.

Special love is founded on hatred, because it gives to get, or withholds to get. Unconditional love gives and is received by all, even if you are focused on just one person. It is felt by the whole cosmos, including your Self. Thank God we can learn to live again. Our use of money fosters special love, as you buy my daughters’ asses, and sell my kids your drugs, with the opportunity for fame and fortune. What a scam!

This is a love story, and you have the leading role. What’s the plan? God wants and desires a masterpiece. Why would God want or desire anything? Why would He want to surprise you? Why would He want you to walk in the faith, that you are His Heaven? We are here to heal everyone, and everything. Where’s your love? Do you have a place to be? Over here is quite a mystery.

Slave Whips Mystery

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