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Backwards in Time

by FoG, right Robert G Brown?


Lock it the fuck down already; the past is behind you. Face everything know everything. No attack no defense. I love you Brandon, but back to business, everybody needs help and this is what you should know. The voice in your head is always your voice. Every thought in all creation triggers your brainwave patterns and you receive information from all over the cosmos and your facades or masks we uphold are based on upon what you are unwilling to face. Face fear know everything. Who owes me $300? Or give a little love wherever you walk; that’s all God is asking for…for everyone to fall in love the right way love unconditionally with honor and respect for who and what we like to do with who we choose. Together we unite. Tolerate what? Open hearted acceptance that everyone needs the utmost care from the highest levels of evolution knowing our creator is watching makes me think He thinks we can work this out peacefully. It is time for some relief efforts and we all got our hands full, but everyone is ready to help.

Can any of these alien astronauts who are rolling around on star cruisers get down here and help out a little bit. It seems people think about hurting one another a lot still til this very moment. They need big blasts of tender lovin’ care and Bobby could use some backup? He is built strong but knows death well and death just wants to play baseball; we are all hoping its not with everybody’s head. He is under God’s protection. Who Bobby? Yes! See what I mean, it always gets dramatic and we just want to keep things calm. Well that’s nice. What is calm? Completely explanatory? Because it’s the tru.th we need and then we are all back to Heaven. Unless you like the way you are living and everyone on the planet has the resources to heal and live like you.

Was that an insult? If the whole world is watching, who is talking about what is going on? I heard at least 80 billion are watching from all over the cosmos and they are shooting for us to heal all time, so we should hold on to peace a little longer. Your creations are safe. God knows what He is doing. when you test God you are  filled with guilt and doubt. We thought we stole from and tested God for way to long, and this is where I roll…in the Ghetto of North Philly. Holding it down with my brothers, it feels good to be home; it’s awesome, that the ghetto needed me to do God’s work. If God would never hurt us then we aint real. These bodies are made out of temptation. Our free will must of conjured up a horror movie, or our minds, or both. If God gave me everything then it is time for us to discover free and unlimited together…every living thing in love unconditional.

Good morning friends, with love. As we strive to bring family back to the community, open source infrastructure becomes a major proponent in bringing world unity. It’s worth the laugh. Is there anything wrong with knowing you walk with the Holy Spirit in gladness even if no one else believes you and would rather dismiss you as insane? The innocent shall inherit the earth and establish a new heaven. God loves us all the same, unconditionally.
Speak the truth; give love, and forgive.

Only perfect or imperfect exists. Where are all the good people ? When we are all good people; you will see Heaven. Imperfect is a trick. God loves us all the same, unconditionally. Speak the truth; give love and forgiveness. Yeah; it needs to stick. It’s a lot easier when you know everyone walked with The Holy Spirit our whole life, and we made our decisions, and God still has a plan for your life to bring you back to Heaven…long road or short road is the question.

God loves us all the same, unconditionally.

Speak the truth; give love and forgive.

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Your mom sucks asshole farts. Get out of town.

That’s a nice way to talk about my mom? What would your mom say if she heard it? Is hard to say much when you have laughed for a year straight and people want to live the same old way that tires you out until your dead.

A young girl finds out who would sell and purchase young asshole. Would you like to know more? The kids figured it out already. Who said shit who did or didn’t do it, and finally we all stopped it, so we can heal it together.

Walk in without even knocking…acting like you own the place (poised and peaceful?)…that’s a house in Heaven, and why I own every one. Every house’s door should be wide open, and instead, we are scared to be robbed, because no one has much for a large part of the population of most of this nation and world, we don’t want to lose anymore, or you are dealing with consumer junkies, that can’t wait to buy the next big thing. God’s house is always open. Who do represent today. Bums should be off the street and a have secure home to heal in, and learn to remember, how to share their ideas in open honesty, so they can see there is two dreams here a nightmare and a happy dream; they weren’t always crazy. I recommend a 30 day marijuana program for mental illness. Monitored by a professional herbsman that is trained in the field. 90% tobacco, 10% marijuana in a cigarette, or a small hit or two if they don’t smoke cigarettes, or eating or juicing small amounts, there are even lozenges, to help bring the patient back to balance. Pharmaceutical medications, or any medicine for that matter can have temporary and lasting effects, but is not a solution. What is beyond medicine? Health. We are to busy testing God, instead of showing God, we are willing to do our part no matter what. Speak the truth. Give love. Forgive.

Who are you better than today? Because that is you. That person you think you are better than. At least 80 billion beings are watching this planet’s every move. Fight to survive or live as one? That should be the name of their show, while they watch us fumble world unity. How hard can it be? Depends big it is? Giggles. World Family Community is huge project that we all want to get involved in.  See ya soon. Your gift to me today is to stop by and say hello to The King of the Planet.



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Backwards in Time

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