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Born and Raised in Delran NJ

by Robert G Brown

Sunday August 6, 2017

To whom it may concern:

Good morning. Why do I see so many people easily forget themselves or become self-absorbed in today’s world of consumption? Strong roots, solid foundations…as old ideas cry out for new adventures and new discoveries. For fear holds our ideas back, while only sharing our ideas without fear of losing them or somebody stealing them does your ideas take wings and flourish into reality beyond dreams. No one steals steals from God’s children and it is only a matter of time before all that was believed to be stolen is returned with proper credit given to their rightful source. My family and community stand strong and firm in faith on this rock today.

Life without conflict seems impossible for some at the moment, but in reality it hides behind a thin veil of fear and hatred that says you can hurt or destroy God’s Son. It is impossible to hurt or destroy the eternal, but in the land of make believe. You were created eternal, so what is the body? How real is it? Is the physical an illusion of reality? Is it a way of learning to appreciate life more delicately?

The citizens of Delran, NJ have withstood a full scale attack from all creation from all conscious beings including humans that thought you could throw away anything in God’s Kingdom. Who lives in Delran, NJ? How were they able to handle such an onslaught? They and the whole tri-state area believe they can withstand attack from any living thing with ease for the sake of their family, knowing God is their Creator and their Witness. God grants us gifts of love to find peaceful solutions to any problem or issue we face. “The Dot” has established the time and place for ladies and gentlemen worldwide to express their concerns, so they may find peace at last.

We honor our families this day as saviors as our care givers continue to give us strength to carry through thick and thin to remove the tint from our eyes, so we see clearly forever more. We are done hiding, and we all know who needs to show up. Get up or get down…we got a concert to get to.

40 days or 40 nights in honor of our savior, The Lord Jesus Christ. He said ease us by paying His forgiveness forward to those in need of yours and find the innocence in everything you see. Be your brothers and sisters keepers as saviors of the world today. And don’t forget the little things that you would rather exterminate than appreciate. Dominion preserves life; don’t destroy it! We are all brothers and sisters. To my family and community in love, I wouldn’t be here without you.

Lucifer Immanuel Rastafari, who is Mr. Brown?

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Born and Raised in Delran NJ

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