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dead and alive heaven and hell walking as one

Dead and Alive: Heaven and Hell Walking as One
Robert G Brown
Friday 04.26.2019





Dominion protects all life. If God sees us innocent than God is innocent. So God doesn’t hurt kill or punish. Correct? We are God’s kids, so God must have the worst time seeing us playing guilty.

Dead and Alive:

Heaven and Hell Walking as One

How are you? Do you protect life? Do you know how to grow? Do you like to learn?

Now is time to heal the minions of hell which we all are ,even when we learn of our innocence. If you hurt or kill or punish anything before talking to me you are coward faggot in-charge. My name is coward faggot.

All God said I said I think I know is…Please come over now. I appreciate my Self, so I don’t want to be where I am not appreciated. Your are simple. What else are you? That is a cool tool for those that try to small you. Like…you are a faggot. Know you are cool, when you think someone else is.

If I am not appreciated somewhere I want God to drag me out without the help of anyone else, so I don’t waste my time or anyone else’s. …And I do think I can beat up any person.

I am not sure you have given me any respect. Are you here yet? Are you faggot walls? I know how I give respect. Who are you? I am 100% ready to go right now. Please comer over now. I have something to share with you. What do you expect?



St John's Church Race Street Philly


Dead and Alive: Heaven and Hell Walking as One

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