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Donate to the Real World

Donate to the Real World

by Robert G Brown

stardate: Saturday 12.22.2018

The real world? The world you see, is it trapped in prison? What can you really do wherever you go? Do you have freedom?

How many people told you what to do today via speech, signs, unwritten rules? Do you agree with your Self, that they do or do not limit you in any way? Do you think we will ever be responsible enough, that no one will ever have to tell us what to do?

A real world is a world without limits. Do you agree? What is the world without limits? Do you have a physical body? Can you be choose to be physical or angelic at any given time? What is an angelic form? A light body vibrating at a higher intensity that sees beyond the limits of the physical body? Can an angelic body be seen as a physical body by those that only know how to perceive the physical body? Or would they appear to be invisible? Would it depend on the spiritual deveopment of the onlooker?

A world family community would gives way to a society and civilization that would allow for an environment to develop spiritually beyond the physical body? Would you like to be able to choose at any given moment to be physical or angelic?

What would you give to world peace to never be imprisoned again? Never be confined to limits of any kind. Heal your mind by reconnecting with your creator, and live together as One. If the only thing I know about God is God loves us, then our decision either frees us from people judgments or keeps you locked in fear.

Does your world and works make you feel guilty, doubtful, and afraid? Do you hold onto resentment? Do you support conflict and hatred? Do you want to heal pain and suffering?

I am looking for 10 million people to donate $10 to start an eye-to-eye global company that puts sickness and death out business, while embracing limitless life by excercising and paracting our responsibility of dominion as protectors and caregivers of life. Growth and development focus mission for food clothing and shelter in abundance guides our way. Networking the planet by providing solid information for all to make informed decisions. Supporting life always and learning to understand the relationship of God’s Kingdom with all living things.

Please support the movement for real freedom, while dispelling the illusion of death that hides reality. Contact Robert at truthliesdecision.com to send your $10 donation and state your intentions for our new company. Once we reach 10 million investors, we will get started. Your donation will act as your company share. You will be kept closely informed as we reach our goal to launch our new company.

***Please call before donating, so your donation doesn’t get lost in the mail. 856-669-8229

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Donate to the Real World

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