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Get a Real Job

Get a Real Job

by Robert G Brown

stardate Sunday 12.23.2018

Cigarette smoking has become my #1 medicine and meditation for life. While many people say cigarettes are bad, I think it is the people saying it is bad are the bad ones. Cigarettes don’t kill people. People that think cigarettes kill people kill people. Bad teachers that promote sickness and death are the real murderers, not the cigarettes. Those people are demons posing as average normal folk.

Eternal life doesn’t know death. Dead people pretend death is real. So, are you really breathing?

The average middle class home owner has a pretty decent stable job or career, and invests a good deal of their mind in fear, so they don’t do anything too crazy to jeopardize the little they have. The problem is the illusion of fear keeps them locked in a non-thinking routine that shrouds death in a trying not to get sick attitude, until death finaly takes hold of your already dead life, because you invested in death in the first place without clearly focusing on the agreement and don’t realize usually until death has you in his sights.

Many of us, don’t have friends or teachers that focus on eternal life as our dead life’s purpose. To one who sees there is a problem has the vision to heal all by solving the problem…people think death is real, but eternal life is real, so only one can exist. Think reincarnation.

Why are many so quick to defend death? Do you hate someone so much, you wish them dead? Or is because you have health insurance and life insurance? Is it both? Do you want to be dead?

Do you think you are stupid? Should you?

What would a friend who knows your deepest secrets say about you?

Do you love your self? Do you even like your self?

I feel great smiling at flowers. I should say with. What makes you happy? Do you know a happiness that you wear inside that few see?

get a real job

Could you give your will to protecting life, as God has given you as Dominion?

Demons come in all forms, but that voice in your head that agrees death is real is your real demon. Only you can give your freewill to death. No one else can do that for you. Even a gunshooter would say, you have to put yourself in front of the gun to get shot. Don’t you think?

If this is your personal history story, how does it read so far? How does it look like it ends?

Do you want more from life? Do you know what God gave that you invest in death? You do invest in death, still?

What is?

If God is a peaceful loving creator that gave everything, why did we invest in something so small as death?

If reality is free and unlimited, who locked all the doors? Who thinks they need to be locked? The door lockers are the demons. They think people steal. Thieves think people steal. Freedom and reality unlocks doors.

First you got to get a real job?

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Get a Real Job

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