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Easier Clean Clean

It’s Easier to Clean Clean

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Sunday 6/28/2015

Cleaning and healing are very much the same in the Mind of God. When you clean your self, your dishes, your clothes, your house, and your mind, it is a prayer of love and appreciation not only to God, but to those you care about most here on Earth. My Mom, Linda I. Brown, always said, “It’s easier to clean clean.”

What she meant and means is that if you clean up after yourself, especially when you make a mess, and you contribute by cleaning just a little bit around the house each day…it makes life so much easier for everyone under the roof. Teamwork is a beautiful  way of living and it is the heart of love.

Once again, sharing is caring. That is why Bob Marley sings in his song, “Wake Up and Live” – “Rise all you mighty people. There is work to be done, so let’s do it and little by little.” Hence my Mom’s beautiful statement, “It’s easier to clean, clean.”

Would you rather work smart or hard? You decide!

I love you Mom for “Making Perfect Sense.” Hi Grouch…I love your album “Making Perfect Sense.” It inspired my finally statements. Thank You!

Easier Clean Clean

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