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The Ending is the Beginning

by Robert G Brown

Thursday 8/27/2015

The creation of “Time” began to enrich our children’s minds. Our excitement got the best of us, because we were so excited to play. Fun and love was our objective, but we used a few older parts. Thank God for us all that we finish what we start.

What began as awesome, soon began to fall apart. The army thought they could win against The MARINES even though they weren’t that smart. They believed pushing buttons they had no business pushing was going to secure their part. Unfortunately for them…Optimus Prime does not allow anyone to hurt our children.

He went in Deep Cover 6 to diagnose the problem. He did what ever it took to save our knowledge and remove a serious virus named “fear”. Now we are clear…the best solution is to go back in time just before the game ever started. In honor of our superheroes…Our MARINES fixed the problem before the army went retarded.

So now the game begins in perfection. It purpose is perfect love, perfect peace, and perfect fun. Don’t worry we all still love to catch our lovin’ on the run. We love you…to Our Beautifuls. Thank you for always having our backs through thick and thin. Because of you we secured the win. Now everything is everything and Infinity has earned His wings. And the best part of everything is the way “All in All” beautifully sings.

Thank you Optimus for caring so much. We love you always and forever…we always did. Thank you for healing time and flipping the script and our lids.


Ending Beginning

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