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fun times ahead

if it never works out the way you want then fun has begun

This is an opportunity for me to like you or be okay with you being alive on my planet. Please come over now. I am protector and guardian of all life.

life risk death trap

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God is like…grapes that can be smashed easily act like this.

- God's Kids?

…it is because, He doesn’t smash you like grapes.

Supreme beings make guns and sell them and don’t shoot them. -discussion topic

I am making friends the right way…I don’t care if I have any friends. I am goin’ to make sure I do not have to like you.

Safety: I like to learn. I am learning. Excuse: I didn’t understand. I didn’t know.

He is just like us. Type it in…illusion buying clubs.

I don’t mind being mad at what is in the way. That is my genius. -robert g brown

I don’t mind being mad at what is in the way. That is my genius.

- Robert G Brown

You are not allowed to smoke crack. Now you have to go smoke crack to learn for your self.

People punish. I am beyond punishment. God does not punish?

Style Freedom: what do you want instead of this?

All spiritual foundations have a simple start.

you don’t even get fucked.

absolute certainty
certain insertion it don’t even get hard

to say that?

I am an insane mental patient, because of what they are doing to this. You?

…didn’t have the same doubts.

Bobby doesn’t even know he is bad. And likes to be a team player when he plays the game.

blackened burnt tender puffs raped ripened genius person

Flipping a planet like you flip houses takes everybody with no in-charge leadership.

Whoever talks to Him first has to start digging 6 feet holes? That’s you?

He doesn’t mind, so He doesn’t like to hide, and chooses not to.

That is why you can only handle rape, because you are scared of what you are doing and cover it up by screaming through faggot walls.

You take what you don’t like about your self and fault anyone for your misunderstanding and turn them into monsters?

Here you see someone who cares about the world right. That is what you are in love with. I am teaching everyone how to care for the world, so who knows who you fall in love with as you heal?

I would rather be doing something else, so my strategy is to take as little time possible fighting.

Now everybody is the best serial killer, so there can be only one.

What, you are too scared to come over here?

This man is not okay with any one person, but him self. I am a sovereign nation and at peace. Death is for those that offer death, and I am the best man for the job.

Rapists love you too scared to come over here. There is already 800,000 rapes in progress? Smart too?

I am not trying bang every person.

These people bang hounding over here.

There is nothing to like about anybody, and I will take as much time as I need.

Raping God’s asshole with Satan is the only way you get anything in life?

Since you only go faggot walls, you rape all that is human, I think. I forgot the conclusion, because I got faggot walls instead of people here. That’s my excuse. You got one? It was okay for me for you to be here sometime before now. What now?

I asked you to speak with me and I asked to share something with you. 85 existences showed up to monitor the human race since then. It is 4 years later too.

Now that I don’t like anybody, I am already to go. See ya later.

Don’t do anything at all. Learn to love that stuff first.

You don’t talk to the person that is alive. You talk to the lie…the dead person. You are dumped. It will never work right. That’s it.

When you make the choice to be happy your choice becomes unlimited, because choosing to smile at a flower or the grass is the same, it makes you happy.

It takes 800 people rape trays to make anybody horny? Those bunch of holes are all raped up.

It is better for me God and His kingdom to not be around anyone and you hurt to be here immediately.

Let me give a few loads.

Your black nigger heart is blacker than any nigger’s.

I know girls keep secrets. That’s why I get the best rape trays. Rape trays are like cock or pussy lists. I don’t know who is writing the lists or who is on the lists.

It is just a bad emo trip so far. Hang in there.

Asking Christ to forgive you and be your personal savior asks the same from you…to forgive and and save us all.

If you are not willing to die for what you think, say, and do, you are a waste of time. …But that willingness, a willingness to die to be your Self will strengthen your faith and give God’s protection? It is a good question to ask. Another good question is…if your actions today lead you to your death, but decreased the time we will all be back in Heaven by 10 trillion years would it be worth it?

Everything I do is for discussion.

A bad hot dog is a cock that goes against our happiness even if it is pleasurable sex and could destroy our relationship with our true love.

Nicolaitans are all busted and they like happy, so they find and break them. So now, they need prey on another happy person. It is funny, they just want to be happy.

fun times ahead

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