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Punched Retards: Overcoming Death

Punched Retards: Overcoming Death

by Robert G Brown

stardate Sunday 12.23.2018

Gifts from God display His innocence, but fearful people who foster hatred seek to destroy God’s innocence. They must not know any better, and believe they can truly defeat the Kingdom of Heaven. They only waste time against omnipotence. If God Knows you and loves you, and wants you to be happy, only insanity would oppose a loving creator.

God does not punish, but freewill says you are responsible for your own decision. Going against that which loves you is foolish and insane, and to think your decision comes without results and/or consequences is ridiculous.

When you seek anything but innocence you become the judge of your own nightmare that overlooks reality to see an illusion of fear. If fear has no reality except the investment you put into it, then your release comes from your realization that fear is an illusion, and belief in sickness and/or death is a mistake. Belief in death is the only real mistake called sin, and gave birth to the illusion of fear. Then reinvesting in life is the solution.

Dominion protects all life and eternal life is who we are. As long as we hold onto the illusion of death, God’s eternal life recycles us in reincarnation, until we correct our mistakes that gives our mind’s power to death.

The world holds us as prisoners to death as we invest in healthcare, life insurance, and funeral homes. We allow our law system to hold our lives in chains to our past, and we allow in-charge tell-you-what-to-do leadership to govern our lives and teach us death is a part of life, while they usurp our hard work efforts for their cash generating machine that destroys healthy relationships and leave us feeling alone and trapped with no one to talk to, unless we want to invest in empty chit chat that never seeks freedom or reality, because it only looks at the surface of our illusory lives and tells us that’s just the way it is, when reality is nothing less than everything unlimited.

We have allowed the world to let us feel small and scared, so it is difficult to see or solve the problems of life, while se become preoccupied thinking we are alone and no one will support our effort to solve problems, or we believe it is somone else’s job to fix this mess we all made.

We are in this together or we are already dead. Faith is an investment. Mine is invested in love and life and seeks freedom and reality. What is you faith’s investment? Do you already have a gravestone picked out? This is your history story. What does it say so far, and are you happy with it? What is the story of your heart, and are you expressing it?

Stop punching God’s innocence, and remember who you are…The Kingdom of Heaven. Are you lost in fear? Do you teach sickness and death is real or eternal life are real? If it is both, you are still lost, because only one is real.



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Punched Retards: Overcoming Death

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