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give to receive: the power of sharing

Give to Receive: The Power of Sharing

Robert G Brown
Friday 05.03.2019

Power of Sharing: What does give to receive mean?

The book, A Course in Miracles (Info Click), states that what is given is received by all including the one that shares. Faith’s investment decides what is shared by the power of your decision. God’s plan is simple. Do you believe in God?

Ask and receive an answer, even if the answer is silence or no. Knock and it shall be opened to you. Your vision is cleared when you are willing to roll up and do. You may find out no one is home or answering the door. Now you know. Clarity is found in your willingness to investigate.

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Romance: Will we ever breathe again?

Romance hot date barks at the squirrel holding a machine gun. Real life is a place in Heaven. Do you live to die? What is the value of your every moment? What is good ice cream? Do you even like ice cream? As the spoon of ice cream melts all over her belly, she looks at him with vulnerable eyes that seam fearful to be in love. Maybe she is scared for the rest of the world, that they will never know love.

What word has meaning? What value do you see? What leads your heart on the road to freedom? The metaphor speaks volumes, but out-of-context news builds walls, while the explorer sees the problem to reveal the truth. There is a problem with walls, when hatred is what they disguise, and death is lurking around the corner.

What is your part in this mystery? What is your role? Are you coming here to learn kung fu?

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Healing Shares Health

Healthcare breeds sickness and helps you believe death is real and just the way it is. Healing cures all sickness and lives beyond death. Healing is from the creator, not a pill. Healing knows health, not sickness. Dispel the illusion of sickness and find out death is a friend.

The young healer saw the despair hung around his friend’s neck keeping him from seeing his adventure. His limited his options, so he didn’t have to know the world. 3 blocks away was a turn around point he dared not cross, because his charity would not let him see the slave driver cracking the whip and choking his neck to never know he was alive. His humanity didn’t see misery or a way of life with no way out.

Want to learn about healing? Do you want to become a healer? Do you want to add to your healing skills set and resume? Try healing services that make you happy.

healing shares health

Healing Music: Heal with Music

Healing music fills the air, as the spirit cleanses and the dancers glow with vibration in the pitch black darkness. The smell of smoke travels gently from the pipe through the cave to add aroma to the peculiar damp dryness that was already there as we entered and experienced as we climbed to the depths of the cave.

Would you like to travel with us next time? Inquire about the next or book your own Music Playdate.

Donate to World Peace

The warrior looked upon the world and saw its sorrow and gave freedom to reality. Bring peace to your world. Support healing and strengthen life. Donate.

save the world support world peace

God bless. I love you. (Think daddy loves his infant baby.)

Give to Receive: The Power of Sharing

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