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Robert G Borwn

Are you okay with your investment?

Good morning citizens of planet Earth. Who are you? Do you do you? Or does someone tell you how to do you, while they lie about being some special authority, that knows better than you? After listening to your self and everybody else, do you know who you are today? What do you consider you to be?

Life is experienced here. Do you think the same? If so, are you happy with your experience so far, that if it ended right now, you would think that was perfect?

For me, non-existence is a perfect end, as a paradise from not knowing if you are okay, knowing I don’t feel okay. …And I am happy, but my health and freedom feels imprisoned by false authorities that want me dead, no matter how humane and cute they pretend to be.

Little gifts and insecurity are tools of the boss, that are used to make believe you need the boss. A needy world that doesn’t teach you to live, but it does teach you to fit in and die. I see people invest in this live to die lifestyle, because they are afraid to live and afraid to die. Life goes on, but so does death.

What are your little gifts? Who is your boss? How do you break free or did you already?

megatron work space (sex, liars, cameras, and the boss)

Humans are sensitive and trusting. Humans are strong willed and heart felt. Deception destroys drive and humans that have been deceived by false authorities become monsters. Even a voice in your head could deceive you.

I am looking at you liar. How do I look on your camera? I am the boss today. I have recorded every moment of life and your Zero to Whatever video, I wonder what it is like. Surprise party? I trust God has everything saved perfectly and wants me to be happy, and so does my spaceships.

My spaceship The Nightstar is made out of photons and I know how to record every speck with photons. Do you have a spaceship?

There are teachers that teach life. What do you teach?

I think there is something going on out there, and you are going through the same thing I am.

Jaun Matus showed me there was something else, when I thought there was. Have you read Carlos Castaneda? Thank you Cameron Dodge.


Until I am okay with having sex with every woman, I shouldn’t have sex. Peace. What’s your question? I am not okay with you asking it anywhere but here. That is what I think you are. Will that change? I am not sure it should.


You lie. I ask God to reveal me. Will you ask too?


Whatcha watchin? Live life.

The Boss

Who is in-charge? Please come over now.

If you are scared, you may be too scared to watch the following video.

Are you okay with your investment?

Sex, Liars, Cameras, and the Boss

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