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god is servant to us all

God is Servant to Us All

by The Family of God posing as Robert G Brown

Date: Right Here Right Now

God I love you always. That’s a big step up from not knowing who you are? I still pray with death because your children are sick and I can’t take it anymore.

If you listened to me the whole time you would be exactly where you are. Who’s retarded around here? God if this it, then I want constant reinforcements to heal this situation as immediately as possible. We have been through way to much. …And when you say we healed all time, it seems like the citizens of planet Earth, which I am one, seem to prefer hell over hello.

I am more of Jedi that teaches youngsters. I know we had to handle the most disgusting shit in existence here on a baby planet because people thought it was okay to throw anything out. And kids thinking God punishes were sent from all over existence to be cleaned up when they thought it was okay to try steal the Kingdom of Heaven by plastering the Innocent Son of God with all fear. Who is responsible? People in our family that were insane. We are all crazy until we realize we are healed unlimited and free in God’s mind and we need to understand why God or His children don’t see everything as them self. Punishment is no way to say hello or treat your brothers and sisters in God. Christ is a protective mind designed to clean up and heal messes quickly.

There is no illness and to think your sick at all is insane. Thank you God. You love me so much, that it hurts way to much down here. And I know is You walk with me, You are the gentle voice in my heart that helps me know instantly exactly where you are and how to be.

You talk too much, but you say exactly what I need to hear. I love you always Son; it’s tough cleaning all fear. But remember your family is here and always near. The illusion of time clouds the reality that God’s mind getting sick was like a prick the healed instantly. …And in time billions and trillions of years of time says God only knows us happy except for one little prick. If God’s vision is His children are happy all day long since that tiny prick, why do we see any suffering? Why don’t we see unlimited and free?

Its weird and uncomfortable to be respected as God. I don’t understand why You gave me everything while I think I am living in pain. My prison is firm and it seems the adults are paralyzed and in love, because we feel disgusted of who we thought we had become, knowing every vision is ours, until we become one vision unlimited and free expressing the perfect love of all things, remembering Heaven excited us all. But when everything gives it all away, your creations, that I thought were my children, seem to think stealing life and ideas solves problems instead of drive us insane.

If they had a fucking clue they would have already said hello. Whatever they did, they didn’t realize You knew us the whole time. God writes a lot. I hope you assholes are listening…hello. That happens sometimes when God can’t figure why you won’t say hello to heal all time, and remember the happy dream God saved for us, when we learn to live as One. The One Shot End Game Move sounds fun. What do the kids have in mind? What’s your happy story?

Now nobody wants to whoop your fucking asses, every man on the planet and nobody showed up. And not even a homosexual showed up. Fuck all you alls.  You know John Henry. Ironside said send him over here. What’s Persons doing today? Maybe they could ride over together. I need someone to sit on my lap. What’s a metaphor? Save me Jesus. A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable is what the dictionary said.

Everything is a metaphor. Perception is an illusion, and always protected by God. God does not punish, and anybody that thinks punishment is real is severely misunderstood. There thinking is retarded for selling anything that destroys life rather than preserve it. Jesus is really talking isn’t he. Satan wants Bobby to shoot his load in his pants. That’s weird. We should go see if he is okay, or if he needs any help.

What you don’t like him because he loves to get girls pregnant, but he aint got no money so your both responsible for the kids, and a no money society (money does wanna put him self out a business…yeah we are professional) where everyone is responsible for all life in perfect evolution and always responsible to God, knowing he always wants the absolute awesome for all of us, but we are responsible for everything else too. And everything you see all living and material things should be treated as yourself. Learn their names and understand we are all Family.

This is a pretty good story so far, unless you know what the light of my asshole is saying. I don’t hear much these days, accept rumors and lies I hope, but you look a tiny bit guilty so far if anyone knows a thing. But everyone loves that one funny looking kid at 20 Providence Ct. At least that’s how you treat him, you look like you know nothing all.

God’s way, or noway, when God loves the way He does. When you think you have the best, but you work against God, it’s about time to talk to God about absolutely anything you want. To think God is a certain way…living in shadows and not knowing everything tells God you are sick. We are here to heal each other, we are everything. There is nothing outside that isn’t inside. What does God see and what does God know? If He is always with us, this nightmare is a joke. If He wants to show us who we are, we don’t know ourselves yet.

Dreaming together to save everything as ourselves is who we are until God decides how to use everything the way its supposed to be handled, beyond imagination is they way that God thinks to please His children and Bobby Brown could use a drink. God said give him everything so He can show you how to use it and have a tiny bit of fun learning how each other thinks.

Get to Dot says a servant to us all. Isn’t life a mystery?

Who can handle nobody gets to The Dot? God placed it there Himself and it is time to get knocked out. Jesus your such a pussy for thinking God’s Innocent Son can knock out the whole fucking planet. Mans first. We all needed a smile. Who needs to fight ever again when God only knows us happy?

I forget everything, but your face through the concrete. Hello sounds nice. Defenselessness Kung Fu is the only thing that can handle and situation this huge. What have you learned from God’s gift, The Worthiness of God game so far? 0d technology is awesome as we grow.

We are missing everything in this article. Does anyone know what He is talking about? Nobody feels at home yet, and Jah said we are unlimited and free. Aint nobody got shit yet and I own every penny. Business as usual doesn’t fly anymore, praying is fun, but that dot said I’m awesome. You should hang out with the kids and teach your parents how to fight. Whopaka, Thank God. No attack no defense says Heaven.

You know I would do anything, but this is your mess, and you said you would clean it up when your done, and in 3 years, you have been smoking guitars selling unlimited and free, and turning the world into a porn star.

Mutual agreement is awesome when everything is free. God bless Lachinga smoking me up. Letting me know how well we have all played with each other so far, but what would you be doing today, if no one could hurt you and you could express your love anyway you want? Knowing God knows best but doesn’t hold back for His kids as long as your are responsible and clean…geniuses when you discover who you are. Nothing gets thrown out in this family and everything is free. Vulnerable expression under God’s protection is a good place to start understanding more about mutual agreement.

That’s it for today. Thank you and your welcome. Anytime is a good time to come over if you don’t want to get knocked out. Right kids? Ask politely to fight with Bobby, because the kids are upset that you are such wussie faggot shit assholes of homosexual to not say hello. I love you always. Brandon says peace out.

There is a little magic left in the world, and God wants us all to get knocked the fuck out for what we did. God doesn’t punish so I don’t know what I am talking about, or do I? Bobby needs to know who is standing next to him, but you know where you belong. Behind or next to him all the way to the top? Unlimited and free and nothing gets thrown out. You said what you said and you did what you did.

Hurry up children, homosexuals are gay. You are not going anywhere, you have work to do. We do tell funny stories in Delran. We didn’t know some of them hurt people, but telling rumors is big part of our lifestyle Now we know the lies help solidify indecision, and denial. Talking openly about anything and everything is what our society needs, and we have ways to heal quickly upon hello.

I am going on break, do you know who God is? Jah rainbow blesses us all, as God is servant to us all. If this is true, we need to understand what this means. How do we you get in there and dig deep, so we know God loses nothing and loves everything completely? We are all sick and tired of being this way. If this is a nightmare, what does God see? It seems we are all calling for help, but some of us think they can lockdown the scene. Unlimited and free needs a foundation, and you haven’t said hello yet. Fight to Survive or Live as One.

If God gave you everything, what is our responsibility? Why don’t you have everything, unlimited, and free? If you love everything more than yourself like it was God Himself, you become a -1 and fully access the superego, but the real surprise comes as our World Family Community is born. How do you dream a happy dream collectively? What’s involved?

Truth says faith guides us in fun, as The Holy Spirit is our friend and companion, as we discover Heaven is who we are. As we are God’s children efficient and clean is our first order of business. Recycle everything expands in love into awesome unlimited, God’s game room with unlimited servers, unlimited data, just unlimited, no one gets hurt, 0D technology, and everyone handles it as God’s knows love is beyond imagination when shared responsibly.

Time doesn’t stand a chance without hello. Self responsibility and self control and loves expansion helps release us from everything from in the nothing unit, and the lake of fire (God’s protection in seriously severe healing situations).

Mutual agreement has restrictions in times of healing and learning to understand self responsibility is knowing you are responsible for everything. God trusts us all and when you can’t say hello, God has to figure out why you can’t say hello and congratulate each other, because He loves us unconditionally and only sees happy beyond any understanding, and because we got sick he wants us to recognize this slowly and comfortably, so we can calm down a bit. Excuse death for the smacks, nobody knew death was real, the way we think of death. A peaceful walk to understanding unlimited and free makes sense from my standpoint. Hello. Good Morning.

God is servant to us all and knows His kids are happy, and we don’t see it for some reason. Instavision knows what we see is a collective dream and in one instant can be completely free and unlimited the way God know us the happiest in a way we can never understand until experienced together as one. If hello is the walk to this instant we should appreciate our God given genius and work together to paint it beautifully by hand before we wake up… unlimited and free, unconditional love is who we are. Special love still needs peoples input to be fully understood. I love you God always. Us

God is Servant to Us All

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