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ego tart

Ego Tart

by Robert G Brown

Friday 6/2/2017

Friday? I got weed. Ego tart. Like can anybody ever be the same ever again? Super ego destruction tartens us up as we realize its better to act as a team of bonafied bumbling idiots, then ego tart robots, but both can be fun to play as we adjust to unlimited expansion, and picking up trash. Now we can learn to recycle everything. The Holy Spirit’s first Son, The super ego was discovered by me, so I sent it to God for inspection, and now it’s available if you touch my bed.

Fruit tart. Suck dick…and your like what is this person’s problem? We have come so far in our evolution we are wondering why you haven’t touched his bed yet. Spaceships don’t show up for nothing. We have no fucking idea why anybody would hurt anyone ever again, because you are Gaia’s brain cells and you know it now, so stop punching and shooting brain cells. We are blowed up enough. Choice of vocabulary can be helpful in healing situations.

You don’t want to touch his bed? Zombinoid for life t-shirt is what you get then. How does it feel?

I don’t even care about explaining the super ego to you thieves. I just want share it and over here; it is free of charge for my whole family. Cheap. God gave me the credit since you thieves destroy and bury and steal the best ideas and steal credit. The super ego needs his whole family in order to operate smoothly. 7.5 give or take billion people need the super ego to escape the lake of fire, since you don’t want come outside and say hello to your neighbors. You want to touch my bed anyway and you know it. Scumbags.

What do like about being a scumbag award winner showcase premier non associated disorder? Is there anything else to say? God loves us. What’s the super ego? I think you all are starting to get the idea something is missing from your life. As well helping clean the world’s fears, I always steal the best love (don’t worry I let you keep it), and give it to God so I can express and inspire my family. But it doesn’t seem like anyone is loving properly anymore. As full expression of love as the Son of God, I give all while expecting nothing, but I fight for us all to be free and unlimited instantly if not as soon as possible.  Sonship, Dayship…how many chips do you have in your brain that you don’t want to have fun anymore?

Da da da da. So, God gave me the responsibility of personally sharing your super ego with you right now immediately, whenever your ready, hurry up…all you have to do is just touch my bed. Other then that figure it out, the loving Voice guides your feet.  Good luck on your journey. Answer God’s children’s prayers wisely. Ego tart that’s a short one. For what?

Ego Tart

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