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god is a parent to us all

God is a Parent to Us All

by Robert G Brown

Monday 2/27/2017

Good Morning. God is a parent to us all. He loves His children unconditionally, and trusts His children to find Heaven, no matter what spiritual path you walk. If Heaven is our true reality, what’s stands in our way from finding it? Why do we seem to live in world opposite to our reality? Is this just an illusion…or a learning ground? How do we forgive the world, so we may find our way home?

God has a plan. Are you willing to accept your role in God’s plan? Every person on this planet is God’s child and He asks us to love one another. He asks us to withhold judgment knowing His plan is full-proof. Love and let live…God will take care of the rest.

As a loving Father, there is not one child He would keep from Heaven, and the Holy Spirit is our Friend and our Guide on our way to Heaven. Hear the Holy Spirit’s Voice by forgiving your brothers and sisters, which are every person on this planet. Mother Earth cares for us all by providing freely everything we need. Why do we charge our brothers and sisters for what is provided freely?

World peace comes from sharing not selling. God gifts are free and unlimited, and they are yours to share with all. God is always with us and loves us always. Why would He withhold anything from His children? Creation gives and gives and holds nothing back. God is love and His gifts bring life, peace, and freedom. It is our judgments, our grievances, our attacks, our defenses, our doubts, and our fears that cover up God’s gifts and leave us feeling alone.

God hasn’t left us, but our minds get in the way sometimes of fully realizing God is a parent to us all, and would never leave us alone. God does not punish, so why do we punish each other and ourselves? Free your mind by forgiving God’s children. Salvation’s plan is set and we all will return to Heaven when we learn to fully forgive a world gone mad.

God lives in everything we see. Overlook your doubts, fears, and hatred by seeing His love in everything. Our world is a projection of what is inside of us, and reflects our current mind state. Heaven is a state of mind that is recognized through our forgiveness of what we believe is real. Only Heaven is real. Everything else is an illusion based on our judgments of right and wrong, good and evil, the list goes on.

There are no judgments in Heaven, no conflicts, no pain, no suffering. What will it take for you to remember Heaven, so you can find your way home?

God is a Parent to Us All

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