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Why Doesn’t Everyone Know How Much God Loves Us

by Robert G Brown

Sunday 2/12/2017

Plagued with hopelessness, thinking God abandoned me, I turned my life over to drugs and alcohol. Living in hell I tried everything to escape, not knowing God was with me the whole time. One day while I was walking through a cemetery, and the love of God poured down from Heaven and filled my body with such overwhelming love releasing much of the unconscious guilt I held onto for years, while tears of joy poured down my face. To know God’s love was beyond anything I have ever experienced before in my entire life. How could I have denied Him?

All the evil in the world cannot stop God from loving us all equally and unconditionally. God does not punish but redeems His children. Given as much time as you need to understand this, you are blessed with all God’s gifts to know you are loved forever and ever without fault. Innocent, free from guilt God doesn’t need to forgive you, but you need to forgive the world to release your self from chains. Extend God’s love by extending His forgiveness by forgiving the world you live in.

There is no love greater than God’s and His vision of salvation in complete. It is now up to you to be patient and know all His children are safe in Heaven. Time is gone along with the world you made that keeps you believing death and not life is real. If this is true why do many people believe God is dead or seeks to punish your sins rather than forgive them. Accept the forgiveness your Father gave by forgiving all with the unconditional love in which you were created.

Feel the joy and peace of your Creator by sharing His gifts of Spirit with the world. God’s gifts are eternal and are unseen because the Spirit of God has been hidden behind the physical world. But the smile still rings true even in the physical. God smiles on us all as we face our trials and tribulations knowing His mission is complete. You are safe in Heaven and you have been Redeemed. You simply need to recognize this fact by unifying your will with His.

Only man makes himself or others guilty and denies himself and his fellows the help and love needed, so no one can remember they have always been in Heaven and never left. Heaven is Spirit and temptation holds onto the physical world as reality. God will not fail, He has already triumphed, and His children will fully realize this fact when they are ready. Heaven is our inheritance and this reality will never be forgotten by God.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Know How Much God Loves Us

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