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guitar genius excites the pussycat

Guitar Genius Excites the Pussycat

by Robert G Brown

Tuesday 7/4/2017

You smoke crack. Hello. Beautiful day outside, right it’s? What is a spankin’; is it polite? …or plain and simple? What is deserve? What is self-responsibility?  Giving is receiving; then our offerings are confusing. A Course in Miracles is a nice book. I heard it is required reading. Kid genius said the parents are acting up, like they know how to give a spanking, until it is time to receive theirs.

We are a family and we are responsible for healing each other, and The Dot is the best place to relieve some tension right now…whatever that means. Did someone say hell? or hello? What is acceptance? What do you accept; when the crack head or the family man gets only a good piece of fruit only every once in a while? When does money become meaningless, when in my world it already is?

SOunds like a personal problem. Until you are the one smoking crack on the street? Good question. It was always you even if you didn’t see your face. (whoever you are looking at) That’s what a good question does, isn’t it? That’s why we don’t know who we are anymore. Should that be a question? People like to get slapped in this family lately. That’s what I heard, if people are screaming through the walls, instead of stating who you are as a family, a community, and a planet. I have already stated myself, and I don’t have any friends. …But you know where your real spanking is. Did you hear my dad, teach him a lesson? Who? Robert G Brown, Bobby Brown, Lucifer the Son of the mOrning, Jesus Christ?

Does anybody know a thing about what is going on here? I think you do, so this is a race, to see who can honor my father the best, I hope you know yours, so we can throw away the worst of our past, by painting the right picture. What is a masterpiece?

Is there anything else to say until you get here? Stop being angry at yourself and ask yourself how God sees your offering to the world. Or do what ever you want? I know I handle it. You? Where’s your horse? Do you know about hard rubber shoes you can use on the street or pavement? It looks like there might be a suggestion to you in there. I am more of a teacher than a messenger, but I enjoy my job any way God guides. The Holy Spirit is the Answer when you really want to have fun. Good luck today, we are already one, once you accept the silent Answer and your own voice as God’s Voice, by lending a hand. We all need help and it’s all part of the plan. ANd we should know we are everything in God’s eyes.

I doesn’t seem like we got the hang of it yet, but it has been a hell of a surprise to realize the good guys are bad guys and vise versa of course. Who could imagine what we held against each other to get this deep, when we heard it was already saved? …And when Jesus and Lucifer hang out all day we wonder who is worse. Is that a question? One Son is all we will ever be until I know more. Can anybody see the truth for their own life that this is where you sit until you get here, and there is no doubt about that. It’s funny when you feel you have family around you, who is going to light the spark? Father, Son, and Holy SPirit? Because there is more than on religion here, and I think I covered them all until you appear. I am more of a spiritual understanding that took full ownership of this planet because of the problems here.

If you don’t know you all got your ass kicked, then I am glad you represent God today. Blessings to you all, in your efforts to clean all fear and heal our children. Where is your S? Where should you stick your dignity when the children need help? Guitar genius excites the pussycat…July 19th 2017. Is that a song our a band at the dot? Que Lachinga said it’s both. Might as well represent the Family of God while I am at it. The temporary emperor has spoken.

Guitar Genius Excites the Pussycat

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