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healing homosexuality

Healing Homosexuality

by Robert G Brown & Cameron Dodge

Original Draft – Tuesday 7/1/2015

Homosexuals are individuals who accepted the fear of a sexual fantasy of someone else. Their loving being was compelled to except this fear in hope of correcting the error. The homosexual is a Gift from God…meaning a being created from pure love only to be pure love and does not have the same defense mechanisms as human beings upgraded for war. Their unprotected innocence and lack of understanding set the stage for them to be easily tricked into believing the fears of others to be their true being.

This simple projection of fear caused extreme pain and severe damage to the spirits of our cherished loved ones. Projection is the use of will absent of heart. When you place your will upon any of my children without a loving heart it causes pain.

Sexual conduct is a privilege to be used only for creation, and just because you used birth control in time…don’t think for a second you didn’t create new life in Heaven. Every child you thought you aborted for whatever reason has been saved for you in Our Kingdom and can’t wait to meet you!

We choose to be male or female in time to experience life in harmony with nature…you remember the story of the birds and the bees. Were same sex relationships were not meant to be? Yes, you can love anyone openly and fully, but we established male and female for creative purposes. I am still learning about union (marriage), but the message is still unclear, especially since this new information has arrived. Once I pray and meditate, I will update you with my best information at the present moment in time.

As for now, homosexuality must be healed, and all those suffering must be given all the love they need, all the time they need, and all the kind gentle support they need. This is a fragile situation, and I am completely and whole heartedly willing to offer my help and support in any way that is needed.

Brothers and sisters of same sex relationships, please add to the conversation, so we can go beyond our current understandings, and discover where we stand. People in long standing relationships have a say, and we all need clarity on many issues of our time.

Thank You, and God Bless with Love.

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Healing Homosexuality

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