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That 1.1


version 1.1

by Robert G Brown with help from Lila Sparks and Obi Wan Kenobi and maybe Brandon Brown really wrote it but thanks to the rest of the Family of God

Original Draft – Tuesday January 19, 2016

That is a word so fit to make anything general to say,

But vague it brings to the mind to describe many things.

Lost you find now lots of signs.

If we just explained with a bit more detail,

We might understand more clearly then…another word that continues on,

To bring clarity to clarity to the break of dawn.

Less than who? More than what?

Like the origin of King Tut…Where am I? Where is here?

Loss of love may shed a tear.

Here stand firm, but need a friend.

Because I do have a hand to lend.

Forest thick green so pretty,

Concrete jungle still like the city.

Hello there Son keep shining on…summer soon,

Don’t wait I’m gone.

That 1.1

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