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Heaven’s Waiting

Heaven’s Waiting

by Robert G Brown

Thursday 8/11/2016

Inspired by conversations with friends John Dorr and Darian Delaney

It began with a Facebook post where John was asking about the problem with pollution being intrinsic to how we live within our society. So I retorted, “Self-responsibility has taken the back burner to finger pointing. Everyone else is to blame in our corrupted society…but we all play our part. Before we judge others we should make sure we are doing everything in our power to offer solutions to the atrocities we all face.”

I added the words to a new thread and Darian spoke of how our actions create our world and how our words and mannerisms can affect the people in our lives positively or negatively. I gained insight from her verse and stated, “Life is always a 2-way street…and in God’s eyes we give to receive. Our offering is our blessing or our curse.”

Then she wrote about how many of us get caught by the propaganda found in today’s common debates, but relied on the grey areas of her life to bring meaning to the things that are not so easily understood. I gestured, “The grey areas are our opportunities to learn about and understand ourselves and the world around us better. Without taking advantage of those opportunities, we would become more like robots. …And I fear many are stuck in that rut nowadays.”

She said our best answers come through faith, and I agreed, “Faith is important, but I believe that actuality is our weakest link, and when one is suffering we are all suffering, whether we recognize it or not. It so easy to see another suffering, but it takes effort to see ourselves suffering through them.”

She believed we need to empathize with others, but that some lacked the ability. So I said, ”If one lacks empathy, we all lack empathy. Unifying our efforts is the only way to fulfill our gift from God, that he created us to be His Heaven. Understanding this gives us our legs to stand on, and our heart to share selflessly with others. If God’s only law is to share love unconditionally, I think we can lay our differences aside and walk into His Arms and become One again.

Darian believed many children lack empathy in today’s society, so I followed with, “I am not sure I understand, but I do know children like to learn, and they don’t like to see people get hurt, even if they are a bully. They all feel the pain of struggle and they seek to learn more. …But without proper guidance it is easy to get lost. They begin to seek attention rather than understanding. That’s why is so important to protect our children’s interest, and help them think freely, no matter what.

Then we spoke about being at the mercy of sociopaths, and I continued, “Attention seekers whether bad or good attention is a gentler title. While she complained that both good and evil exist, I explained, “They actually don’t…all evil is…is the misunderstanding of God’s promise that we were all created as Heaven.

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Heaven’s Waiting

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