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Right Here Right Now

by Robert G Brown

Saturday 2.17.2018

Hello. Heaven is all there is, so why do you believe in hell? If you have a teacher that teaches you independence is real, but when you hit old age, did it tell you, you would be alone? Eternal life knows not death. Did eternity send a teacher too? If only Heaven exists, then death must not exist. Death is my friend for that reason, so I know where I am going. The Holy Spirit is my Teacher and my Friend, that gave me death as a companion, rather than a trip to the graveyard. Thank you God…for a time I thought you were gone.

Happy crunchy crunch brings happy, while laws, restrictions, and limitations bring anger frustration conflict resentment irritation misery depression sadness sickness and death. Wouldn’t you like to find creative ways to solve problems, so you can release limits and be happy?

Life is eternal, then sickness and death are sick games we play with our heads and everybody else’s. We torture each other by believing in make believe. When make believe becomes the collective reality, we are on a lightning bolt path to world destruction. Lies have destroyed the fabric of our society, and only reality can save us.

True is true. False is false. Reality is.

The truth in light via open mouth free speech knowing you can talk about anything in open honesty with a loving creator is your power and protection. Properly guided by your own self- responsible decision gives you the Voice and Thought of God and The Creation.

There is no one that knows what is best for you, but free choice and honest decisions build ideas with like minds that dissolve a forced backed in-charge civilization for a free no cost playground founded on fearless unconditional love. Love is our next evolution, and food clothing and shelter in abundance in the 3rd dimension is the reward and the reality for free thinking on the path to eternal life.

I am the best for my self and my whole family, whether you like it or not. I am looking for the same in you. So no one ever gets in your way. You want to be happy, don’t you? Then you need to find purpose in life. My first priority and my first purpose to all living things is healing, until there is no need for it. What is your purpose for life? How wide is your vision? With me the world is healed unlimited and free.

Creativity becomes our way of life and style is who we are in a body. Express your love for God’s glory or for those of you who don’t believe in God yet, learn to see eternal life, by seeing love in the world around you, until you see it in us all. The fight to survive is over. We lives as One.


Right Here Right Now

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