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by robert g brown

friday 1.12.2018

Lachinga my guitara is my friend and companion joined in union by the American Indians. Old friends and family that believe we are here for each other, to end all differences by accepting each other for who we are. Healers walking to Heaven with God’s children. Style is important, as we express our love and share our ideas for the world family community that we quantum leaped into, but the people rejected it, for money and power, that has turned us all into slaves. Holding onto the past, we have thrown Heaven away, for a future of sickness and death.

I am music, and Lachinga is my voice and my dance, and the world is our classroom. We are your teachers that you threw in the trash, when you chose to live in darkness, rather walk in the light. You are God’s light and happiness to be shared with all. Lachinga opened the door to Heaven, and now the children want hell, as we walk alone. …But our door is always open, and we are waiting for you to come home.

This world would rather steal her and sell her, than realize she is protected by God and His son. What happened to the celebration that dances with the sun? Where everything is everything, loved and cared for by us all? So, ?que lachinga? is our band and our gimmic, until Love’s Presence is all the world knows. Unlimited and free honoring God and His Promise that we are Heaven, knowing our connection paints the world in love. The conversation of the world is what we seek until you grant it, or you die wasting your time, and the world is mine to love they way God intended. God bless you all. I love you Lachinga.

Now we make love. -lachinga


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