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solution to any problem

solution to any problem

by Robert G Brown

friday 1.12.2018

Shovel, 6 foot hole, and a gravestone is your father, son, and spirit in this world. Hopefully you’re dead, because you are not here yet. I love you and I miss you.

If you know your life is over, then you can either change your decision, or get digging. Either one says you are a proud human. Not the false pride that says you are better than someone else, or deserve something more than another. Leading a life of ignorance does not remember Heaven, but Heaven knows you well, and beckons you home.

Your ego pretends to be your friend, as it teaches you to mistrust everyone, and dig your hole slowly helping you pretend a few good years before you’re dead is better than Heaven. The world is gone, at least the one you knew. Once you know better, and run away and hide, you are saying the right way is no good for any of us. Arrogance of the ego has destroyed us all, because Heaven has to wait to be Heaven. It’s just not Heaven without you.

We are the One Son of God…everything you see and beyond. Trillions of God’s children watching patiently for you to unite the planet and save the world. Share the miracle of love. Hello is a love like no other; it opens the door. Forgive the world to heal the world. Give love and be happy. The real world is here. Hello.

Ideas are meant to be shared, not sold. You might as well buy a gun and shoot your self, because freedom is lost, when it costs money. Or we could stand together; our minds as one solve any problem, and bring only solutions, when we realize unconditional love is the Source of our existence. Parasites and hypocrites dissolve or change their mind, and the world beats as one.

Self-responsibility becomes our authority as in-charge leadership ceases. Money has the ability to shatter anyone’s dreams, as long as you invest in it. Many ideas have been stolen, and the thinker lays is a hole, while the rest of the world sits clueless of the intent of evil doers. One love against 7.5 billion people lost in fear stands victorious alone, or together, once you realize your role in God’s Kingdom, and come forward to help heal the world.

Your mouth is God’s opportunity to have a voice. He does not punish. He is not afraid. His reality is changeless, so you are always safe and protected. Even when you believe you are only human, you sit with God in Heaven knowing exactly how you will get home, by remembering your fearless self, that extends love always. He gave you the tools to heal…hope, faith, and love. How do you represent creation this day? When you realize you know nothing at all, your adventure begins.

solution to any problem

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