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life insurance out of business

Life Insurance Out of Business

by robert G Brown

Wednesday 02.20.2019

No matter how good it is some days, there is something wrong here on this planet. God is nothing until you know better. You have been through hell, so far, right? I am trying to get hot guys in my life.

…digi .doc, you know?

Death is friend in this fantasy when God Knows He Loves you. Are you dead yet? Kill, kill, kill babies with old age. Crack smoke gets it down quick? I know old crackheads, at least they look real fucking old.

Cockroaches? … or the crack dealers? What do you think kids? Get a job punching houses? Buy 10 crack houses and grow weed instead? Trillion dollar industry? Hemp Marijuana is food clothing and shelter and medicine and you are supposed to cut that shit down. Trees are not supposed to be cut down?

President of the United States? Kill people it is fun. Kids love shoot em’ games? That is why there is dead people? Guns shoot people and other things the frog said to your mom when she was living in denial so there is still a thing called child pornography. Be harmless. That is who is here forever.

Child Porn

Be harmless. That is who is here forever. That is who I am looking for in my life. There are too many dead people that want tiny crumbulars. Hospitals are for dead people. Super slap energy full body smack down festival of insta-heal. …digi

Are you here yet? Too busy dying? …no harmless slap of love left in you? Get down. Touch it all. Harmless yet? Still too scared to come over? Forever is too long?

Get down. Bad.

Take everything off now. Get down.


Go to the rulers of hell and tell them you are a sovereign nation.

Rulers of Hell

Did I tell you what to do yet sovereign nation. I must be in-charge. I got freedom and reality on my mind, so I hope i am not in-charge forever. The is my faith investment as dominion.  Beyond death is my vision. Love is forever. Too sacred to come over? Are you harmless yet? Too special? No unconditional?

Love for all is love for Self. Do you want to play with me? UI like to dance. What is a UI?

Bang bang.

Are you dead yet?

Do you have a life insurance policy?

This is a scary place.

Any bombs go off today?

What does your gravestone say?


The video helps you feel better. Do you like ice cream?

Life Insurance Out of Business

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