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Calling students.

Discipline is a sense of your Self. Who are you at peace? Who are you at war, until you heal? Who are you as a part of family? Who as you as part of world family community? Do you support life or death? Death is friend in life and death in death. I am beyond the survival of the fittest in Heaven surrounded by insanity. Friend is family not death. Death is friend at the finish line or on the way when insanity is in-charge. Be friend here if live is the Answer and your curiosity kills the cat. Death knows you too. God’s Friend walks with me. Is death friend?

Life is the road to happiness is life for all, until you choose life and healing begins and your right corrects wrong by endurance and stamina to family as dominion protects all life no matter how sick by truly understanding its Decision and life’s open offering, the Answer to reality is light by Know it is fully recorded, and the road to Knowledge lends and hand in spirit to Now is the relationship to all things, trash and tall as affection to freedom brings gentleness to relationships and sex its responsibility. If Creation is eternal, why do we die? Scared of the real make believe? If this is an amusement park a playground and a learning lab cared for by a family beyond us or beyond our understanding, dominion is lost here on planet Earth.

I have ideas of how to protect sustain and care for all life in healthy harmony of nature, that knows how to mosh in the mosh pit that frees death from his chains and presents the best time of ourselves in eternal life by eternal light the stands in front of God as we some niggaz and life is for us all forever. I am your kid. I know you understand by hope as I learned of faith and that people suck dick here for you asshole my love dear, but thank you for life always and again. I love you God, you made a friend that knows your kid. AMEN

Be brand new is life. Forget death by seeing death’s friendship to life as this is not supposed to happen and nobody is listening. Am I nobody? Did anything die? Will it again? Do you think life?

You get the picture yet? There is shit in the river and you want special powers, right? World Family Community cracks you down to the ground as we grow together as fertile dirt is every house big and small and find wealth in no government and no authority as sovereign nations by our legal right as God’s kids. You decide…rape and pain or live and life? No money says share and care and learn health by psychology, as no thought is alive, any thought can kill.


You live by not thinking or by not thinking you live, you create with thought. Do you uphold death with thought as killer and natural death bad investment like old age death instead? Death destroys creation and wastes life, and it stops creative thinking and makes you believe in misery until you die by wasting time in dead thinking. Death as friend was there telling you life’s Answer with The Holy Spirit. You listened to another teacher instead? The deceiver that helps you see nightmares that see graveyards?

Just come over and say sorry for trying to give me eternal damnation. From a dad’s perspective, that sounds fair. Every person? Wussie, rightt? Two t’s? Double technical? Right?

Money is trying to put himself out of business because his mom planet earth said share freely my juicy fruit that lives in the happy celebration that blaze a fire. No more burnt offerings? Brotherhood is eye to eye and love unconditonal is commander of Self as Friend to faith sees the Guide of light home.

We are talking about money? Sharing is caring as farmer first via fine gardens always and forever. Display museums of currency is my idea.? Judgment call? You made one? Grow garden farm business local to world micro trade csa delivery worldwide market seasonal discovery. New lingo pops the eye open to reveal truth is units and well as context the delivery spidey sense to all that ask for or know of it to heal death thought.

A walk with God Eternal Life as Family with God that Knows life and understands we like organized peace not death and graveyards if we have a choice for life but freedom discussed as equals builds infrastructure to power the world. I am a free thinker created as love eternal? designed to share love and healing in corrective communication that takes fear and shares and returns cleansed fear as love’s innocence to heal all wounds. and create with thought. Now we celebrate small and separate with solutions to world family as community by ending authority and returning to equals as sovereignty to the power of 1, as individuals and as All. God Almighty is what I say, what’s your name for God?

Discipline as friend say God is changless indestructible life forever expanding with knowledge to of everything extending in whole. Learn and enjoy or miss the game? We are here living and dying and dying is wrong. We think death thoughts. Stop if you choose and get eternal, when all no longer laugh at death and only with life. Help or heal until healed. Help nurtures minds to readiness to be able to heal.

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