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looking world around

Looking at the World Around

 by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Thursday 5/5/2016

I see you there not so free,

Wondering who you were meant to be,

The scene, the book, the babbling brook,

Clarifying what was really took,

A little willingness,

Given all and expecting nothing,

Back on the path and into something,

Look around what do you see?

It’s just you…what you thought was me,

All is yours, choosing wisely,

What you do…always surprise me,

Holding on, letting go,

Plant your seeds and watch them grow,

Take a chance, risks are free,

Open up to what you know,

Now is time, reap what you sow,

The trap is set, the bait is placed,

Time to eat,

Continue the race,

Fly away or walk on my own?

The world is here…you’re not alone.

Looking at the World Around

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