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If you don’t get the job it is better they know that. Resume skills, achievements, proud moments, mistakes…don’t hide. My experience says don’t hide, even if you are crushed by the world.

It is okay not to touch. It is okay to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It okay to be married. It is okay to not think say or do. Is it okay to be by your self? It is okay not to touch?

What do you see here?

Free speech doesn’t allow threat of harm, harm, or worry of harm, for its protection.

wow armory

World of Warcraft is a great way to work out marital and family issues and problems that lead to denial, rejection, loneliness, and abandonment, my brain thinking with God tells me. It is for all ages with parental guidance. You decide. God-think.

Protect the kids. Holy light heals instantly, I think. Every person hockey mom would love it with instant healing available now.

Kissing is good for hurt lips.

We are all real excited and not sure where all the kids are…is a God attitude right now and it could be always.

Get exalted.

Thank you holy spirit kids.

World of Warcraft advice – how else are you going to kill your dad? It should be a period.

Don’t miss the final video.

All you have to do is tell your whole story to have the best time ever. Every person has to do it. Don’t be a coward f@ggot about it.

How do you trick your self into thinking people like you at all?

Angry Sex Action Move by Mr Brown

If you don’t get the job it is better they know that.

I DON’T HAVE TO BE HAPPY WITH ANYONE besides me, TO BE HAPPY. Love, Bobby (The name for f@ggot walls we pretend to trust.)

P.S. Get real mad. It starts with being infuriated with your self. I don’t like you.

Don’t get stuck: http://truthliesdecisioon.com

God Dad – World of Warcraft

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