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Music Conquers the World

Music Conquers the World

From the desk of Robert G Brown:

Listen to Red Alert by Beat Down Productions #np on #SoundCloud

B: Slap spank the aftercare. She didn’t wash me ass good this time. You want to go to school to be a nurse to make money, you joined for the wrong reasons. My ass is sensitive and delicate, so you should clean it if you are going to wash it.

E: Who is dancing now? Rape and molestation is a weapon of mass destruction keeping people deep in their dark closets, while your make believe devil destroys the planet, because you wanted money, not work. You don’t  even know who you are or do you?

B: People aren’t really evil, are they? Just lazy and creepy, right? They think they can hide from the world? I got the full recording of their zero to whatever video. You are one of them. How old are you?

E: Scary world, ain’t it?

G: How many trillions in outer space watches your zero to whatever video in real time?

E: Killing and murdering is for boring lazy people. Is that what you said?

L: Sad, isn’t it? Nobody can handle getting together to protect life.  It is somebody else’s job.

E: Bullshit.

G: Everyone that died until now is on your watch.

B: At least from the time of your birth, but maturity is standard etiquette for the human race.

E: When innocence is over?

B: Yes. Music is innocent. Words are innocent.

E: Attack is guilty.

G: Defense says attack is real.

L: Unite.

You are too lit God…for your glory. Peace and right mind to the human race.

A: God doesn’t want to know anything I know.

Bob Marley Knows


…digi .doc?


Music Conquers the World

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