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How to Become Fearless

How to become fearless?

Be afraid of God, the one the doesn’t want you to be afraid. The Creator wants us to be happy. It’s people that want you to be afraid, because that is how they steal your power. They keep you locked in thinking that makes you believe you need their pathetic in-charge of someone else behavior, I know better than you, and you are not paid to think, listen to my authority, I tell you what to do, clown posse of raging mental patients, that use mental torture and manipulation sorcery techniques to hide their magic behind false humanity and over restricted safety rules regulations and laws that are written, so, a criminal is always a criminal and never rehabilitated, all the while the lawmaker is one of the real life criminals, in a lofty position of occupation that could destroy any average human’s common life, with the power of their decision.

How does that help you overcome fear, so you can become fearless?

Knowing your enemy is your self and how the enemy drives every person to insanity helps establish real security and protection for your life. The enemy is your self, because it pretends to be less or restricted by anything or anyone. Reality is limitless and all I see is prisons and chains that look like things that are supposed to be good for us like hospitals. Hospitals teach you sickness and death are real. Sickness and death are an illusion, so they are not real. Now you can see the enemy that is your self prevalent in everyone. We have all been tricked and we helped each other trick our self into believing illusion is real and just the way it is. …But with this artillery that heals all, things will change finally, and you will see the power of investment in reality…free honest clear reality.


How do you find reality, when you believed in illusions your whole life?

Since in reality, you are not afraid, when you feel afraid, you want to be afraid or you know someone or others are afraid and as healer, the alert of fear allows you to shatter the veil of fear and reconnect to the world with love. It is an investment you have made based on your teachers in your life and your acceptance of them. You can see your investment in your decisions. What you choose or decide for your self is who you think you are. Even if you are completely insane, it was your investment in your teachers, plus your choice and decision, that has lead you here. There is nobody to thank or blame, but your self. If you like where you are in your life, a friend taught me to pat myself on the back, when I feel right minded and I am making good decisions, so I suggest the same. It feels good to pat yourself on the back.

Overcome illusion by facing your fears. Overcome fear by dispelling illusions. As you face your fears, you will catch glimpses of the real world, a world filled with Love’s Presence, that sees beyond the problem to the solution.

Everyone is a teacher, that has taught sickness and death are real?

Born into sin. So, if we are sick or believe we are sick, our purpose becomes healing, which is sane and happens naturally, but our method here in business as usual is insane. Our society sees individual sickness, rather then a world of sickness. We treat one person at a time, instead of treating the whole civilization. Our enemy wants to keep us small, so it can continue to feed on our mind. It knows its home in our mind is temporary, although it tries to extend its welcome forever. It is difficult to see the enemy, because we made the enemy up, and others do the same, make believe and trick the mind, and people have found ways to uphold the enemy in each other in the form of ego cliques, that look like friendship, or a work place, or a church or other meeting houses, sports, school, politics, among others, like secret or sub-societies or sub-cultures that makes sure you know you are going to die, and many think they are going straight to hell, when they die. There are groups of people whose bent is freedom reality and life, but have they become fearless?

I would rather be alone, then invest in nightmares of sickness and death, that lead us to hell, a worse place than this, because of our investment in the enemy. Get tortured until your dead humanity is our world leadership, that thinks mental institutions and prisons help people think mental health and rehabilitation are provided there, so the people can believe power money usurping politicians and leaders do care, while they plot to control you forever using fear in multiple forms as a weapon of mass destruction that they can even use against their very own trusted  associates and employees to keep them on short leashes to conduct their duties to their insane leadership bosses of sickness and death are real, as we all struggle as slaves in our slavery system of…I am better than you, that is disquised as freedom or a free market society that drives costs and prices, not unlimited value and expression in an unrestricted free world.

When we are forced or threatened or imprisoned by people that want hell, how do find peace and freedom?

Finding peace and freedom here needs security and protection from people who force authority force laws and threaten your well being if you fail to adhere to their authority and laws. It may sound like anarchy, but it is reality and freedom saying, we are God’s kids, not stupid a-holes that want be in-charge of your measley imprisoned life. We seek freedom and destroy walls and boundaries that hide reality. We do not destroy sanity and life.

I think you shouldn’t tell others what to do or stop them from doing what they are doing. You are with the people you are with and have a relationship (personal, family, community, business, or professional) with them because you like each other. Right? So trust their decisions and if they change everything one day and go insane…get away from them or help them heal is your decision. Unless you are married and have a greater responsibility to their well being and the whole family’s well being. Either way, you can see peace and freedom more clearly now, yes? Is fear being dispelled too?

What strategies can an individual use to protect their self from fear?

Fear is the misuse of love. That it is why it acts like or is a virus. Fear tricks you into believing illusion is true and reality is false. If left unquestioned and untreated, insanity is who become, and we die.

Problem solving is a way to see the illusion clearly. Problem solving is an adventure lead by freedom to find and apply solutions that solve problems.

Connecting with others via clear communication driven by mission objectives and goals with priority and purpose as the lead dog has the potential to greet the world kindly and establish a global network that can conquer the planet as a family. Size and strength is decided by our decision for sanity or insanity. Sanity Knows reality; insanity knows the graveyard with a sign that says dead with name and dates. My conviction is vigilant for sanity. Would you dare ask yourself your purpose in life? Are you a healer or a killer, as your first purpose?

Honest experimentation research and development with freedom and reality in mind can help develop civilized treatments, strong long lasting or fresh and vital goods, and customer satisfaction #1 user friendly services, that redesign societal norms, administer protective security systems, and build thriving sustainable communities for eternal life. Eternal life does not know fear and I think I gave you a few decent ideas to help you on your journey to reality via freedom unlimited dynamics that unlock your creativity. I hope you find your vision.  …Enjoy the adventure of finding and remembering joy and happiness.

Does joy and happiness know pleasure?

Don’t miss opportunities.  The next one is a click away. I love you as much as someone that gave me the finger or as mus as someone I never seen or met before. I love you as God loves you, but i don’t know you as God Knows you.

God is like… where I am from you don’t have to say or do anything, and you don’t want to. It is that good.

That’s why I get mad at God now. He makes me look good, but no one will come over. This is some devil shit. Down dirty satan. I am a dumbbell people. I will go for that. Marijuana is not a liar and has a decent memory too. You are thinking click?

I just wanted make sure you knew how to do accounting and history.

Pleasure and Pain

…digi .doc?


How to Become Fearless

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