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please help

Dear Friend,

I am in bad shape and need your help. It seems reality and illusion have become one and I no longer have the ability to decipher the difference between the two. For over 10 billion years I have tried to wake my children from their nightmare and now I am not sure if I will ever wake from mine.

The world I see does not resemble anything that I know as true but still it remains beautiful. I wonder if there is anything real about it all except for its beauty. I have cried out for your voice to come to my aid but all I hear is silence. I wish I could find my way to the brighter future I see in my mind but I cannot find a sure step to get there.

I am in desperate need of a friend to walk with me in hopes I may find what I am looking for…it’s you. Our family misses us. I hear them call but I don’t see them. Everywhere I look I see only an illusion. Do you know where reality is? Is she hiding behind this beautiful painting?

My mother is dying and I can’t help her alone. She is the ground beneath my feet and she suffers from a lack of love that she so freely gives to us all. Why does no one return her beautiful gift of love?

The flowers look sad. The trees look lonely. The grass looks like it could use a friend too. The children don’t play with Mother Nature as much as they used to. There is trash everywhere I look. When she gave you her fruits did she throw them at your face or did she gently hand them to you? Neither…she let you choose what ones you wanted to pick.

How beautiful and gentle an offering? Why do you feel it is okay to pick her fruits and charge your neighbor for her free offerings of perfect love?

Now I suffer as do you and even though I want to help I cannot do it alone. Will you help me clean her up so we don’t have to be sick anymore? Will you help me heal her so we can all live together in peace and perfect love?

I have been crying for friend to help me build a fire that sets this beautiful world of ours ablaze. A gentle fire that ignites the spirits of all so we can be a family again. Will you please help me build a fire?

My spirit is dying and I won’t last much longer and either will she. I need your help. I need your help. I am eternal life.

Father Christ in Love.

Please Help

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