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pleasure and pain

Pleasure and Pain

by Robert G Brown
Friday June 8 2018 updated 12.28.2018

A pleasure seeker can feel no remorse by not caring how much pain people feel by their actions that seek pleasure. In-charge leadership is one of those actions that makes war possible. The devil explained.

Example: Hatred in pity seeking a single pleasure will do anything to get what it wants against everyone’s freewill, even kill to gain the want or desire it seeks. It has been know to start world wars wanting something for them self that it to be shared freely in mutual agreement of the those in-loved or involved. This could eventually lead to no remorse or is it there and its punishments are different. Is it the forms of rape and molestation in its worst forms?

Any voice inside or out that tells you what to do is a mental illness and is cured by understanding its call for love and the course of action that leads you from fear. If death is the worst fear then illness its its cause. Illness is belief sickness and death are real or reality. Any reality through the walls or inside your head is false, and fantasy and imagination is its only reality. It is personal and includes only your self, until connected in body if the spiritual connection is true. I feel it is a form of rape until expressed clearly in all forms of communication with everyone. Meaning…unless you know completely you should be asking questions, not pretending you know everything.

For instance, someone that believes through the walls or inside their head communication is real becomes schizophrenic and their relationship with the world is conditional and without foundation, growth, or development and the call and the need for love is its one true reality that must be seen by the light of truth to re-establish trust with God and His Kingdom. There is no reality with others in your head or through walls except by other forms of communication that may be possible and looked at closely by all to be understood appropriately. Don’t think because you heard it in your it’s real. Go investigate. The body will affirm one way or another, even if they lie to your face, at least you know what is going on better. …And if they are liars, you can say this is what I heard and think, so they know what you are going through in life.

Any voice that doesn’t have a direct relationship with the body or bodies with the voice it thinks it does is not a real relationship even in spirit until the mind is convinced in its reality through both mind and body. Double opt-in etiquette during schizophrenic moments that appears to be real needs words of mouth to complete the connection beyond schizophrenia into reality if such a communication exists. Telepathy investigated.

Mind control may have given birth to this communication in error or mistake that lead to the understanding of a possible mental or spiritual communication that needs investigation care and data to learn if it can be used safely for the benefit of us all and needs a world conversation that includes us all. It is a necessity to exam it thoroughly because it effects us all, whether it is real or not or only some are ready for its reality.

Coming into the light of truth starts the world. Speak up says freedom of speech. We all want the light of truth, the facts, and proud living that supports everything we said and did, because our life is important and we know the light helps unlock vision and organized planning. I said it; I did it is proud and represents your life as whole in the worst and best of times through insanity and death seeking freedom and life and discovering that finding sanity is a learning experience In a world of madness. -the real you


Pleasure and Pain

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