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world scam alert

World Scam Alert
by Robert G Brown
stardate: Wednesday 07.04.2018

Shit in the river and move trash around. Can you believe that is the world we live in? As we cover up the truth with lies and sarcasm, treating everything as just the way it is, and a big fucking joke, we patiently wait for the world to annihilate itself. We are the Answer and the Solution once we change the way we think about the world. Every moment is a moment for our salvation. Are you willing to stand in front of adversity and die for eternal life? All we do here is live to die anyway. Why not fight for real freedom that frees us all? Freedom does not cost money or death.

God’s protection is available always, and your faith’s investment gives you its power when you choose life over death. Willing to die for us all gives you life’s protection. Hiding in closets afraid to speak out against our investment in death leads our life in slow torture to death via self-destruction. I said it; I did it…gives relief to our scared way of living and is strong and courageous in its ways. Solutions become readily available and their application comes from building relationships based on friendship instead of ownership. Our resources are each other, once we are willing to be a part of the solution. Now we can stop adding to the problems.

We live in a society that makes up problems to hide the real problem. In-charge leadership that destroys self-responsibility. The more problems we make up to sell useless shit keeps coward faggots in power while we struggle to the grave. If we can’t see the problem we can’t find the solution. We shit in the river and move trash around. Eating shit is the earthworms job, and recycling everything is our job, so there is no trashcan. There is no authority in God’s kingdom of Heaven, so in-charge tell you what to do thinking is unreal and false. It does not exist at all except by our investment and belief in it. Once we learn how to think correctly we free our Self from all authority and we can begin to embrace eye-to-eye thinking that eliminates all authority to ease our heart and mind and see reality. We think and act creatively to bring each other eye-to-eye to live joyously, as we remember our heart’s role and our mind’s self-responsibility, so we can share all God’s gifts freely with all.

Everything you see and beyond is your Self. Uplifting your world and everyone in it brings the unlimited power of God’s kingdom to share always and forever in unconditional love. Unconditional love is the foundation of modern day physics and science, as it awaits its introduction to the world. Freewill leads to freedom, and as everyone gives their self to life’s adventure, we bring happiness, because happiness now leads the way. Our relationship to the world sees beyond guilt to innocence and we allow everyone to be their real or true Self, while we heal and remember our happy way, and our life’s experience, that gives everyone the freedom to heal and live the way they choose.

Stop the scam of everything costs money, and you need products and services to heal from all the mistakes we made only keeps us locked in fear. Our current marketing strategy solves problems by making them up first, and the real problem lays dormant from our awareness. Greed control and false power through false authority is the enemy as we believe we need something to survive, until we die. Death and sickness are illusions, so healthcare, life insurance, and funeral homes uphold their power, and make believes you into the grave after a decent life, which is really a torturous life of illusions that destroys thinking and life. Real life seeks freedom and reality that finds the eternal.

Our power leech system places you in-charge of some people, while others are in-charge of your life. You learn to tell people what to do, instead of learning how to think for your Self. The world slowly crumbles, while you rape the world of reality and freedom. What a scam. A Mini-God system of God complex that only knows death and hell. I love you. Good luck.


World Scam Alert

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