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protect your rights get up stand up

Protect your rights. Protecting your rights helps everybody stand up for themselves. That is their decision, but the example, right or wrong shines before us all. You are a teacher the moment you are born, but your decision to learn is yours as is your decision to teach, but being alive your life experience teaches us all directly, and indirectly through transcendence, and touches our lives in many ways. The wrongdoer finds conflict, adversity, and possible punishment, while the lover extends life forever.

Give to receive is a simple way that is God’s. You love you receive love. You hate you receive hate. Be happy and find happiness. I like others to feel good. It helps me feel good. I am give give as far as relationship, a giver that wants you to feel good and be happy, so I look for the same in others. The joy you give when shared by all breaks the barriers of pleasure and pain to heal love and bring peace. To good to be true?

So many times, I have heard someone say, I am going to go bust a nut like the one he is after is just a play thing more like a blow up doll to satisfy his masturbatory practices using another for quick satisfaction.

Life opens its doors to those who love and closes them to those afraid.

Until you face your fears, all of them, you will be limited in your way. You can be afraid of the outside world or you can place your fear in God. God wants you to be happy, so your fears are safe with Him, and His Guidance will walk you through gently.

A Course in Miracles shares examples of how you can practice removing fear blocks and how to live in a fearful society and find success every step of the way.

How to abuse your self?

Enjoy the music:

Stand up for your self. Protect your rights.

Thank you holy spirit.

Bonus Feature:

The Nicolaitans ego mind is made from stupidity…stupidest piece of shit? I think so. Who are the rapiers?

Who are you scared of? Who are you upholding a pretend self for? Losing self-importance doesn’t care about what people think about you, because you are that important. Be your true self by not caring or worrying about what anyone thinks about you. Peace. There is something wrong here. Solve the problem.

Protect Your Rights Get Up Stand Up

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