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I Bang Your Wife on the Side

Even the military can help this community issue when they are off duty with our current system.

I asked you to speak with me. I invited you to my home. It is not illegal to go to anyone’s house and ask them to come out and speak with you. I asked for community support and volunteer effort to go around with me to find out what is going on. …But if you are all going to hide in the house, there is nothing for me to do.

You rape, torture, terrorize, and abuse me through the f@ggot walls, all of you not over here helping your community and your planet community by teaching the right way is in the light. You are allowed to know who I am, who I am with, where I am at, and what I am doing at all times, forever.

Terrorist, I don’t feel safe or protected in my neighborhood or on my planet. So, I tell God what is going on and how it makes me feel and I offer ideas to bring solutions quickly. God does protect me, but I am being crushed none the less, by the slave driver’s and warlord’s tortures, and the scared people of our world reluctance to get involved gives the sorcerers the scared people’s power by using their worries and doubts against us all, to force their plan to forever enslave people, as knowingly the only way to defeat God is to keep His children from Him.

Faggot Walls | truthliesdecision.com

Faggot Walls Robert G Brown

My neighbors in Delran, NJ’s Summerhill governed by at least 27 million psychopath top specimens and their retarded mercenaries or my schizophrenia said they are only here to hurt God and His children, while they play Mr. Nice Guy and solicit rape sex and child molestation.

Faggot Walls

Something to think about:

God said the best way to heal coward f@ggots screaming through f@ggot walls is to cook them and eat them.

People all over the world hurt so bad because people think the rape tingle feels good.

Even the military can help this community issue when they are off duty with our current system.

I Bang Your Wife on the Side

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