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why i scratch my balls while you try to get me to brush my teeth

Why I Scratch My Balls While You Try to Get Me to Brush My Teeth

by Robert G Brown

Saturday 2.3.2018

Why I scratch my balls while you try to get me to brush my teeth. In-charge leadership has destroyed my planet, while ignorance makes sure it continues to die. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is upon us, and you act like nothing is going on. Everything is dying before our eyes, and you think that is Heaven? I wish I was guessing it was a question, because you failed to ask the right questions and want the right Answers. You have no clue what to do, and I am your solution. …But you would rather make side cash trying to kill me, steal from, and lie to my children, so you can live in hell, which is your old ways walking you to death. Lucky for you, it is not some worse place, and once you put your faith in God’s Arms, the road is light. He loves you dearly, and your judgment against your self makes Him look like a bad guy that punishes, when you are the one who invests in punishment, not God.

The ego designed the body to attack and defend. The Holy Spirit uses the body to gently Guide us back to Heaven, by giving us the tools to face our fears, as He forgives our troubled ways for a happy dream where all the kids play. A world discussion is our hope that we all mean something to life, and our life matters. …But when your are chained to the  ground by in-charge faggots that hurt everything in their sight, you lose the ability to communicate in a way that makes healing the most important task at hand. You think you have to obey your faggot shit slave masters in order to live freely, while they charge you for everything, until you are used up and dead, because they wanted you to be a simple robot no matter how extravagant the role, to make their money while they rape and pillage the land, telling you it’s just the way it is. Fuck you faggot. Wake the fuck up. If you said what I just said, you would be here chillin’ instead of dead in your bed, even if it does look like a job.

Why does He slap people? Everything you think, you should ask, am I limiting my self and others or am I freeing my self and others? Now, we have the opportunity to see solutions, instead of closets, chains, walls, barriers, conditions, restrictions, locks, laws of guilt, guilt, making others guilty, resentments, doubts,and any fear that stops us in any way, from being free. Your treasure is in others by what you share. Do you remember how we share?


It’s “shut down city” where you live. You have people who confuse people until they are a mental patients, and then you put them on medicine that costs the tax payer $1000 a day, and call that healing, while the tax payer slaves for your money, while you watch the world go to hell, when we could enjoy watching it fade away together. Heaven lives unlimited and free, indestructible and changeless. Here our painting crumbles and we try to walk away. Your up to bat. The plate is over here.

2240 Van Pelt. St.

N. Philly, PA 19132

Yeah, I love you, right? Are you to busy wondering about the answers, or do you have the Answer in the place you are and want to be?

Me: I told God I would be better off hanging out with a 4 year-old-retard, then waiting around for adult mind frames, so he turned me into a 4 year-old-retard and told me I have lots of friends.

God: Look around my friend and see my eyes. Your world is over and mine has begun. Good luck son, have some fun, but love and forgiveness is the Answer to give every one. Everything you see is me. Take care of it like it is you, and you will remember Me. For us we unite in light, speak in truth, and do only what we would do in front of all the world to see. That’s grandeur. I love you always and forever. Father Son Holy Spirit FAMILY OF GOD

mE: HalleluJAH (appreciation for all creation) in love (Rastafari) That’s what I said. I’m a farmer and a spaceship designer.

You either lead people into doing egotistical bullshit or you lead people to healing. You either plan your death or walk in the light of eternal life. Reality is found in changeless truth not facts of fiction. You can’t play make believe and think it’s not come up bite you on the ass when you finally meet reality. You think killing or allowing anything to be killed was going to be easy to explain when everyone knows what you said and what you did. God knows everything, and you think you can hide from any one of His Children? Good luck not saying hello. My eyes know your story.

Are you looking at what funeral home you are going to use, or do you want to know how helping one another happily ever after leads to eternal life? My way of life ends all your jobs, but nightmares too. Your best love is here to be shared with all. Please stop by and pick it up as soon as possible. Eleanor is first, so make sure she knows. Thanks.

How would you want to be treated by the people of the world, on your way over and while you are here?

How do you want to celebrate? How do you want to escape? You are all invited, so let’s be on our way.

Why I Scratch My Balls While You Try to Get Me to Brush My Teeth

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