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adele delran

Eternal Life Meats waits until death to maybe eat meat.

Thou shall not kill.

Isn’t it good to be pissed.

God said he is not allowed to know what he wants because he got you all the dick and pussy. tHANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT. WOW CHAT?


Are you going to be bad with me at all?

Italian Canadian, Adele ran off, because you didn’t get it?

I like the way he talks, one time it is over. PC gone forever?

What’s next?

Child porn is history novel and nothing more? Damn you look good today!

What the fuck it wrong with people. Now you are dead. Death is a school teacher and a friend.

What happened?

You thought death was somebody else.

How did you get here today?

The holy spirit hangs out at NA and AA if you want to meet him.

Every person hockey adult six and up protects the puck like your children.

Jesus knows the one before, I like the way he talks, but it is missing because I forgot. That’s my faith right now. Thank you Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. You know I hate you God? Too?

…And I don’t mind making excuses right now. And I think me and amy Denton get along through walls and I didn’t talk to mike yet.

Lady gaga could think he doesn’t know I am smart right now.

Check fb pages bob brown robert gordon brown and truthliesdecision.com and youtube channel pages truhtliesdecsion dotcom world family community and healing music playdate for full story

IF you are not sleeping during the loudest music, you are not tired like that at the time. Heaven is 24/7 but it allows naps and sleeping when you are napping or sleeping. 24/7.

Romans Chapter 13 Healing Translation

If we made the ego all up, we are the smart ones regardless. God had to invent reincarnation, we are so smart. lol

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Adele Delran

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