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the reflection of god

The Reflection of God

by Robert G Brown

Monday 2.5.2018

All you see is you. You only attack your self or defend your self against your self. Everyone is responsible for our mental health. You are not separate in healing. If one is sick in any way, we are all sick. You may not see it, but it is the truth, if you seek peace on Earth. Dominion cares for all living things as God’s child. Even the smallest infant is to treat all the living as a child. Growth and development of strong relationships governs how we can use God’s gifts. Responsibility governs God’s blessing of power when healing.

Don’t blame someone for your decisions, when you were asked to make the ones you are envious of. Right here, right now is where you are happy or decide to be, or you will never be happy at all. All you see is your reflection and your decision against everything. Now you can’t get simple things done, especially when, the people need your help so badly? Remember, you are Heaven. The decision to remember is enough to begin the greatest adventure of your life. Ask a new teacher to Guide your way in spirit rather then strict routines. Who is your universal inspiration today?

When you think you are up against the world, it is you attacking you, using the worst image for you to blame rather then seeing the reality that you are attacking you. Self-deception is that tricky, especially when everyone is tricking each other. Example, when you think the president is destroying the country all by him self, you get mad at him, instead of seeing yourself as part of the solution, or look to find a solution to any problem you think you face. Reality sees solutions, and you are God’s reality lost in an illusion, if you think hiding from or attacking anything is appropriate at all.

If you are only attacking your self, where do you find peace? When you decide to be a solution, and not a problem? Helping others remember we heal together is our gesture. How would share your healing blessing with the world? Getting to know your self means…forget who you thought you were in the world’s eyes, so you can remember your Self in God’s.

The Reflection of God

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