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real terror

Real Terror

by Robert G Brown aka FoG


The real terror in life is being alone. Thought energy is a powerful force that can keep you in a dark place forever if you allow it. When left to our own devices our fear can grow to the point of no return. Luckily, love is the most powerful force I know, and your savior when no one else is there to save you.

The strength of family is the real hero in this story, and your guardian and companion in all situations. Putting your family first gives you the power to be vulnerable, knowing your Will will always be safe and protected. When everyone puts family first we are free, and if you are one of the few that know this beautiful principle…the Family of God will always love and protect you.

Faith is a walk that helps you see in the dark, but hope is always there when you feel lost and abandoned. Love is the guiding light on all paths and your friend when doubt arises. The future is never certain, but the moment lasts forever. A past filled with guilt and regret is a demon, but the beautiful memories of our life is an angel the helps us keep moving forward.

Walk with me this day to a future uncertain using the moment to develop solid plans for our family. My family includes everything. I hope yours does too. The unconditional love found in faith gives freely as we become the person we always were. I love you.


Real Terror

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