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the show must go on

The Show Must Go On

by Robert G Brown


The day is come or is it already here? The time is now, but where did it go? I see your voice, but not your heart. It is time to act for the One Voice that helps you help others. Who are your others? What gives your life meaning, and do you want more? Why are you here, and are you willing to fulfill your dreams?

The truth lingers in your throat, but your mouth won’t open. Hiding behind closed doors, you wonder if the world is watching. The illusion of reality runs deep within your soul, and your lies give you nothing but a chance to come clean. It is a blessing to become brand new. Are you willing to embrace such a beautiful gift?

Cleanliness is Godliness, and your spirit cries for freedom. The gateway to Heaven is right in front of you, and I want you to walk in. What stops you from walking in to a Kingdom made just for you? The Family of God waits patiently for you to make the right decision to be a part of this wonderful blessing.

I am here for your benefit, and you are here for mine. Once you realize this…everything becomes your playground of love. You give love to receive love and we all need love and it is always unconditional. That is what unlimited gifts are…unconditional and free. Your time in now, because God’s time is now. Believe this and free yourself.

Your salvation is in your offering, and yourself is what we want. Please give us all of your self, so we may see you shine within the Heavens. Your performance is our gift, and we can’t wait to see what you got. In love is our answer to every problem, because love is the solution to all the problems we face. Are you the solution?

Your call has been answered, but your effort is needed. Are you willing to give your self to God?

Your forgiveness is your road to happiness; who do you forgive today?

The Show Must Go On

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