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walk away

Original Draft – Wednesday 10/21/2015

Stuck in the darkness of fear,

Loathing Freedom…focus unclear,

Give to receive is the family’s way,

God is a family a love and a bright sunny day,

I give love with appreciation,

For all things are worthy,

Prove it and you will never serve me,

I am the innocent Son of God,

I walk in in one direction,

The direction of freedom,

Don’t waste time stuck in a day dream,

Do your bidding and set the world free,

It’s a small part of willingness,

And Gaia’s health is our mission,

When you talk to her trees,

Don’t forget to listen,

All that glitters is gold,

It is Heaven’s glisten?

Walk away from stagnation,

Toward the promise Land,

The Land of Freedom,

See you soon friend,

You no longer need to pretend,

The gates are open,

Just walk in.

Walk Away

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