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why pray

Why Pray

by Robert G Brown aka


Why pray to Jesus Christ if you are not willing to love him? The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ is here and now, and you know I am Jesus Christ. I need your help as much as you need mine. Our planet is sick on her surface and within her body. …And we are her children.

Only by working together and doing our part in the Atonement of Jesus Christ will we succeed in making it to the Kingdom of Heaven. I have been home and awake for some time now, and I haven’t received the warm welcome I had anticipated, and now my heart lays broken as it did when I hung upon the cross.

I thought you accepted me as your Lord and Savior, but I am not sure I believe you anymore. If my death meant so much to you, why do we continue to hurt each other, and punish Our Mother Earth? I am here resurrected as Robert Gordon Brown, and I am empty. I could use a friend.

Please don’t ask for forgiveness; you tried that and it obviously didn’t work. Forgiveness is given in order to be received. Who have you not forgiven in your life that leaves you in so much pain? How can I help you amend your mistakes and correct your errors?

What do you need to understand that giving unconditional love is the only Answer to all your problems? How can I help you to accept the current situation in full, so we may heal together? To clarify, if one person is in pain, we are all in pain. If one person is sick, we are all sick. If one person suffers, we all suffer.

Healing is from the heart, and is shared with all. We all have a part to fulfill in this process. Miracles are simply the giving of God’s unlimited gift of perfect love, which is unconditional love and maximal. This means if you share unconditional love with one, it is received by all. What greater gift can be given?

Wisdom is simple to obtain, when given by serving others needs during the healing process. What unlimited gift is for only one? Sharing is the attainment of all. Understand this and you are halfway to Heaven.

The truth is the key to Freedom. Share truth always and you are free. We have hidden behind our lies long enough. Now let us understand the honest trustworthy ways of God. The is the way and the means to remember the loving person underneath our shame. Loyal to God is your savior, your safety, and your protection. Come now and follow me.

Why Pray

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