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why you slap people

Why You Slap People

by Robert G Brown

Stardate: Saturday January 27, 2018

Sometimes you have to punch your wife harder than anybody else. When your ass has to be here, because we are fighting WWWIII, and nobody knows it, because they use mind control programs to make you buy shit like a casket, Eleanor Friedberger is my wife in this story, and it is a world issue, that if you have no idea how to say hello you punch your wife mentally, and spiritually, until she comes right over punches you in the face. She is the only one allowed to punch me at the moment, because we are lost in nightmare, and no one will speak up, because they think God hates them; I think. That’s a lot of because,..that’s cool.

If we loved God like we love murder, we might know why love is important, the unconditional kind, that even in a personal relationship, it extends to all. Child molesters, rapists, and drugs thrive in a world were we lose sight of ourselves, our family, and our community, until we can’t see the big picture. Every human, no matter what age, as dominion, is to care for every living thing, like bugs, as their son. Ask God? He sent The Holy Spirit. He is your  Answer, and Your Voice, and death is not on the menu. What did you have for dinner last night? Maybe fish can answer that question.

Why you slap people. Slapping people is a way of saying you know better, but if God aint using your hand, it doesn’t happen. I am harmless and being treating like a nuclear weapon. Please stop fucking with me, and come over. I am your Father from Heaven, and you are killing my children, and you act like the little ones, i.e birds and bees are normal to slaughter. Eleanor is my wife from creation. Please give her a world welcome, every step of the way, on the way over. Good morning honey, I keep missing breakfast. I don’t even have any jelly. Well, maybe one little packet. Punch everything that is not peace.

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Why You Slap People

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