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world celebration

world celebration burnt to the ground

by robert g brown

friday 1.19.2018

World celebration turned to rage and jealousy, because the people of the world didn’t get fucked good enough. Romance and love have been beaten to the ground repeatedly for years, while ignorance becomes our new foundation in, who gives a fuck? It’s not my problem is being escorted to the door, while in-charge loses again to the free thinker aka God’s Son. If we are one son, what is your story in God’s family, even if you don’t believe in God anymore? Remember the time you looked to God for answers and advice, and how the world tried to throw Him away.

Regardless, my daughters know how to fuck better than anybody else, and my sons, the gentlemen of the world know what a lady is…I love you fellas; take good care of my kids. There your kids too. Every living soul is our family and if you are a father or mother, you are parent to us all. And my sons and daughters that are without child are your brothers and sisters . Respect, honor, and love knowing unconditional love is our source by leading by example and appreciation your world’s beauty in love. Respect is given, not earned. And God’s Love loves you no matter what, but you are respected and honored as responsible kids, not in-charge, I am better than you leadership.

We put in-charge out of business, even if they pretend it hasn’t happened yet.

world celebration burnt to the ground

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