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Blog Comments

Blog Comments

by Robert G Brown


Blog comments are the way for readers to get into the conversation. The conversation is the important part of the blog article…not the article itself. If you take the time to read an article and it sparks any thought at all, you should share those thoughts, so everyone knows who we are as a readership.

The blog community needs to build their family, but need your input in order to do so. How else would the writers know if they are headed in the right direction if there is no response to their craft. We are here to learn and teach…we are all both teacher and learner at all times whether you like it or not. I learned one of the most important lessons of my life from a two-year-old recently.

She is my cousin’s daughter Keiran, and she has the same cleaning ability that I have…and handles it with strength and love. She cares more for our family than many of us, because meaningless thoughts do not get in her way. She sees the importance of support and teaches wisely.

I need your help to learn and understand who we are as family and a world community. So please give us some love and share your thoughts even if you’re angry…let’s hear it. Thanks and have a blessed day.


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