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Free Self Help Book

Free Self Help Book Worth $7

by Robert G Brown

Original Thoughts May 2015

Many self help books speak truth, but about who? How can you follow a system designed to help someone else? Can you get useful information? Yes, but a self help course should help you develop a system that adheres to you.

I believe you must develop principles that are perfect for your lifestyle, and also help bring about the change you are looking to accomplish. The best way to begin is to find out who your are and what drives you. How? Great question…you start by remembering.

I suggest two important tools:

1) 10 Things You Love

2) 10 Awesome Experiences in Your Life

After completing the 2 simple lists you will begin to see your true self. Now you can begin to design principles fundamental to you rather than someone else.

I am interested to see what you come up with and how these two tools affected your thinking. Please feel free to leave a comment. It may help many people just knowing that we can construct a plan for our own life.

You can also think about your favorite stories and how the effected your life and the way you think.


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