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Innocent Protection Against Deception

by Robert G Brown

Friday 7/17/2015

Innocent individuals who are tricked by deceptive persons are not the only ones who pay the price for their open hearted kindness and open trust to deceptively harmful people. If you are an over-trusting kind innocent human being, your whole family pays the price for your misfortune of dealing with the wrong people; harmful people who see you as an “opportunity” for their selfish greed, rather than a “good person” that should be treated with care and protection.

I bring this issue to light in hopes that I can protect all innocent families from deception. The better aware our world community is to the many types of deception we all face, the better off our families, our communities, our towns, our states or provinces, our countries, and our world will be. Our families need and deserve the valuable resources our hard work rewards us with each day. To allow our precious resources to be jeopardized by thankless greed cripples everyone on the planet and makes every moment we live more difficult than it has to be.

Innocent people who live in disparity suffer the most because desperation makes it easy for deceptive greed to take hold of the desperate mind. The desperate so badly want their pain and suffering to stop, they will easily make a bad choice. The deceptively harmful person understands this clearly and uses it to make the desperate innocent believe in the wrongdoers scam.

Hoping they made the right choice, the desperate innocent ends up losing the last bit of the life they held onto in many cases. It is our duty as a world community to protect each other from all deception, so that our children and our families can live in safety and happiness. We need to share unconditionally love and a wide range of protective information, so everyone can make informed decisions and receive all the help they need quickly and easily.

We must collect information as fast as possible of all the deceptive acts and scams being used against innocent human beings around the world. This vital information needs to be well organized and spread through as many media channels we can find to properly inform the whole world.

I want to update our database every moment new and relevant information is disclosed. Let’s get on this people; our families of the world need it now.

Innocent Protection Against Deception

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