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truth lies decision
What is reality?

by Robert G Brown and the FoG

stardate: Sunday 11.11.2018

What is truth? Changeless reality? The simple facts? What did you say? What did you do? What do you think about? Do you think with God? What is your will? What is happiness?

Lies? What lies? Who is lying? What are you doing? Where are you? When are you coming home? Why are you doing that? How did you do it?

Decision? What is your decision? Why decide? Who are you? How do you do?

Truth, lies, decision, what questions? truthliesdecision.com reveals reality and freedom to end sickness and death. Truth lies decision …global community brings family home? World Family Community

Reality sees beyond illusion to innocence. Have you withheld judgment? If judgment is for God, do you know how to withhold judgment? How do you see beyond illusion? Does forgiveness burst the ego’s bubble of illusion, so you can see freedom and reality? Is forgiveness an illusion that ends all other illusions, the illusions that blind us from seeing God’s Kingdom is all it’s glory, by His very Grace? Our freewill still has the power to shroud Heaven in darkness or release us to Love’s Presence and The Light of Truth?

darla truth lies decision truthliesdecision.com

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truth lies decision truthliesdecison.com

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