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A Course in Miracles Book Review

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – 4/12/2015

A Course in Miracles is like walking into a dark room you have never been before and flicking on the light switch. At once the room reveals an exquisite taste in elegant decor, and your mind quickly recognizes the true value of simplicity.

The light immediately reflects comfort and tranquility within the onlooker. It is then you see the room is well organized and filled with beautiful treasures. Treasures that possess unlimited power!

The more time you spend in the room the more you realize it is just what you needed…understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness all tied together with peace and God’s perfect love. You have become One with Everything.

A Course in Miracles (Info Click)

a course in miracles

A Course In Miracles Review 2

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A Course in Miracles Review

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