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delran watertower

Trust: A Priceless Gift

by Robert G Brown


The Farmer and Adele is a beautiful story of trusting your Family no matter what…and the pain that breaking trust causes. The Hartford Farm Stand in Delran, NJ is the storyteller, and the citizens of Delran are the reason you cannot taste the joy of Adele’s produce today. Adele is God’s field that Gaia and the Farmer care for…for your benefit.

The citizens of Delran have destroyed a beautiful gesture of trust at the self-service farm stand. The Farmer and Mother of the field you now know as Adele gave you fresh produce and trusted you would honor her gesture. …But that didn’t happen because we didn’t put any money in her box.

Please forgive us Gaia for breaking your trust. Help us repair the damage we have caused you, and let us give you everything you need like you have always given us. I love you momma Gaia. Please help us give you everything.

Trust: A Priceless Gift

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